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Cum Shot Surprise Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2009-06-01
Last Updated: 2013-10-01

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Opening up Cum Shot Surprise, you are faced with a very colorful page from the Porn Pros Network. The top of the page is headed Home, Search, Sites, My Favorites, Live Cams, and finally Get Laid. I laughed at that final entry, and delved into the site instead. Things were a bit confusing though, since there's so much on that page, but I finally chose Pick A Site, and was taken to Cum Shot Surprise, finally. That start page gets a D- from me.

The promos for the site certainly do not lie. There is more cum in this site, than any man has the right to be able to shoot. I suppose that it's a physical anomaly, or should that be deviation, that some men can and do put out tremendous amounts of cum when they orgasm! Some of the site is absolutely funny when you see the reactions of some of the girls to being totally drenched in man jism. Their faces often evince the surprise that they surely are feeling at being totally covered in cum!

In most of the videos, there's cum everywhere, and I do mean everywhere, thus the girls are asked to slurp it up as if it were fine wine. When there's more than one girl involved, they have an absolutely gay old time sharing the slurped contents into each other's mouths and all over each other's bodies! That's certainly a wankalicious sight to see! The stuff is "used" in glasses to be drunk out of a straw, it's on healthy lady bodies, including tits, snatch, and asshole, and it oozes out of every orifice imaginable after being deposited there by hard male cocks!

The girls that have been filmed in these cum sprays are all cute, and definitely humpy-sexy! These hotties need to have their hot bods cooled via the use of man and his handy dandy cum shower. The fucking and sucking that goes on during these definitely hardcore videos is amazingly shot, and it gets to a point where you actually want this guy to cum just so you can see the pure cum-saturation that's going to take place!

Other sites available with Cum Shot Surprise are Freaks Of Cock, Sleep Creep, 18 Years Old, Disgraced 18, 40oz Bounce, Milf Humiliation, Jurassic Cock, Real Ex Girlfriends, Deepthroat Love, Flexible Positions, Cock Competition, Pimp Parade, Shady Pi, Euro Humpers, Asian Fuckies, Big Handfulls, Cum Martinis, Hungry Cougars, MexiCunts, and Cluster Fuck Whores. Let's put it this way, you'll definitely have more fun than you've ever thought possible. The Porn Pros Network intends to make sure that you do, and with 24 exclusive sites I'm sure you will!

Once you've gotten used to that start page, navigation on the other sites is a bit easier, as you will already know the lay of the land. There's lots of photo shoots on Cum Shot Surprise, and the pictures are just beautiful but not in Hi-res. You can take them into your computer via zip files, and most of their shoots have about 350 pics each.

Videos can be downloaded in .wmv (Windows), mpeg, and Flash, and there is no DRM. All content is exclusive too. Most of the videos run for about 30 minutes.


If you have a "thing" for facials, cream pies and the thought of absolutely drenching beautiful women with cum, this has got to be a site you'll treasure. The girls are surprised, yes, but most of them really seem to like the cum shower. With all the other bonus sites you will receive along with Cum Shot Surprise, I'd be highly surprised if you are not 100 satisfied.

Score: 84

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Videos 113+ video clips (about 30 min each)
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Pros & Cons

  • Unique site
  • Downright inventive
  • Suits the niche quite well
  • Great bonus sites and reduced membership price.
  • Updates are a little slow
  • Pics not Hi-res

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