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There's something about pain accompanied by pleasure that makes it quite enjoyable to enjoy the spanking fetish. Anyone who gets turned on by hot girls getting spanked or even the idea of men getting slapped or beat by women will appreciate this particular porn niche. I don't know if you know but there are people out there in these porn videos that absolutely love getting treated like crap. Getting slapped, spanked or beat brings these people the ultimate orgasm and who are we to tell them it's not right? Our spanking reviews listed on this page brings you information on porn sites that fall within this category. You're going to find yourself browsing a nice table of sites fully reviewed and compared for your benefit. If you're looking for our top three picks, you're going to find it here too. It's the quickest way to find a spanking porn site that we feel will serve you well and bring you all the hot videos you've been craving without ripping you off!

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1st Place

Join English Spankers

English Spankers

In conclusion, if you are a spanking, caning or strap aficionado, I recommend this site highly. The females shown are usually young girls, and they are mostly quite cheeky, though there are quite a few British women shown too, but regardless of age they take their punishments quite well, and keep a stiff upper British to go...
Review Score 85

2nd Place

Join Spanking Sarah

Spanking Sarah

In conclusion, there's not as much sexual going's on as I had hoped for, prior to getting inside the site, however it's still a wonderful site! Those who are on either side of getting spanked, or both, will definitely enjoy it. The videos are excellent, and play quite nicely, the pictures seem to have been professionally taken, and the...
Review Score 85

3rd Place

Join Shadow Lane

Shadow Lane

Shadow Lane knows what it is doing. It makes erotica DVDs with a discipline and spanking theme throughout, it gives romantic stories and homely ones too, and it uses keen amateurs in its filming. You might have limited download options, but you have perfectly on-niche and hot punishment scenes to view that are DVD quality,...
Review Score 77

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1 $19.95 50% 861/861 90
2 190/200 85
3 33/55 85
4 $14.95 50% 35/35 79
5 225/91 77
6 $29.95 89/89 77
7 1200/25000 76
8 59/74 75
9 $29.95 452/22 70
10 19/44 45
11 35/31 45
12 20/39 45
13 80/0 0
14 585/585 0