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Passion HD

Passion HD is aptly named, as these guys obviously have a passion for the production of high quality, top end HD porn. From the moment you land on the tour page you will see that this is no cookie cutter site. The tour shows great promise, with beautiful women, and great quality clips to give you a taste of what looks to be a...
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Mormon Girlz

Mormon Girlz is a top-quality site in that the content is exclusive, on theme, brilliantly filmed and everything is well set out. I had no technical problems with it, the movies are great, the girls are amazing (and with so many new, fresh and good looking models that we've not met before) and the whole thing sings out with...
Review Score 81

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Chocolate Models

If you set aside the design issues - which may be a personal matter anyway, you may not find them an issue - then you are left with a perfectly good site that has its theme: hot and big black girls dance solo for you and strip down to play with their massive boobs and booty. That's fine. The quality is ok, it's now HD at 1080p, and it's...
Review Score 76

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Spy Fam

Spy Fam look like it's here to stay and it sure looks good. Horny young step-sisters and daughters give into their horny older step-dads or step-brothers, and the moms, sometimes, and you get full-on hardcore scenes that are shot in 4K HD. It could do with a bit more info about the scenes and models, but it's looking good and...
Review Score 78

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High-quality interracial action from Blacked is what you want when you want to see some amazingly big dicks drilling some wonderfully cute girls. It's a great mix of coffee and cream, and it's all high quality, exclusive, original and well-made content. The site is easy to use, the quality is great, updates are every five days,...
Review Score 88

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Join Kink Unlimited

Kink Unlimited

That was a very quick rundown of what's on offer with this new and well-priced Kink Unlimited membership. Get in for as little at 26.67 when you buy a year's access in one go, or go monthly and still find a reasonable price. It's' all exclusive, probably the best fetish content in the world and it's all now HD with great viewing...
Review Score 93

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Bang! will knock you off your ass with, well, with a bang. It's a huge site with a good mix of exclusive scenes, and non-exclusives ones and you can download the lot. I had trouble keeping up with updates as they were being added even as I was in the site. The quality is good, there are 1080p HD videos, full DVDs, a great mix of genres...
Review Score 93

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