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When you're looking for a community site to join, the first thing you have to understand is that these communities are not exactly like dating sites. They're similar, that's for sure and they both end up in two parties hooking up, but the key difference is that a community is a gathering place for specific lifestyles. For example, if you're into specific fetishes, there is community dating sites that gear their audiences to those who are definitely into fetish and role play, sometimes even on a more specific level. Or an easy example would be a gay and lesbian community - you wouldn't want to be a guy inside a lesbian community site because the hookup just isn't likely to happen. They have specific communities to bring like-minded people together and that's the type of site reviews we have for you today. Ranking from 1-3, we have our top community picks for you to look through. Below that, we have a nice table of all our reviewed sites ranked from best to worst for you to look over. We made it easy for you to find a good hook up site.

1st Place

Join Rude Com

Rude Com

This particular site is everything you ever wanted in a sex site. There are real ads here, real people, well real everything! What's more this is definitely a mega-site with tons of stuff to see, and/or to participate in. For instance, on the Rude board, thousands of members post messages and ask for and give advice, on the...
Review Score 85

2nd Place

Join Alt Com

Alt Com

In conclusion, with over 3 million active members, you never know what you'll find here, thus it's quite worth a valiant try! Above all else, use your common sense and do not give out too much personal information until you've ascertained that the person is who he/she says they are! ...
Review Score 74

3rd Place

Join World Wide Wives

World Wide Wives

In conclusion, if you consider yourself a swinger, and are into seeking others to swing with, this site is ideal for that. The way that you can narrow down the areas you will be willing to meet in is well done, very professional. There are literally thousands and thousands of women being offered here, as well as couples....
Review Score 0

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1 n/a 86
2 n/a 85
3 500000/1000000 85
4 n/a 85
5 $19.95 300/475 80
6 n/a 80
7 n/a 75
8 n/a 74
9 $24.95 3500/6750 0
10 180/30 0
11 n/a 0
12 $24.67 9490/84320 0