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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2009-04-30
Last Updated: 2014-05-12

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The Porn Pros Network brings you 18 years old. The site promotes itself saying that 19 years old is way too fucking old! Sure enough all the gals portrayed at this teen site are 18 years old and no older. There are some things that are best when they are 18 years old, like 18-year-old scotch, and yes, 18-year-old girls! I mean who can resist sexy long legs, all-pink snatches, smooth skin, finely contoured thighs, bright shiny hair, full pouty lips, bright eyes and the softest of real breasts all of which are only 18 years old? I mean think about it, how can a horny young dude resist that? Well, both the scotch and the girls are downright intoxicating to me! I love it when girls wrinkle their little noses when they laugh sometimes, and I love it when they strip off their tops and then giggle.

The one video that I watched earnestly (OK, that means more than once) had a very nice looking teenager by the name of Jesse Jordan in it. She was ultra-young with shiny youthful skin on her face that looked so soft it was just such a turn-on. Seems that Jesse had just finally moved out of her parent's house where she grew up. The mover was bringing all manner of boxes in and when he found her very secretive box of dildos, thus she suffered quite a bit of pure embarrassment. Her cheeks turned a bright red, and eventually the mover got quite a tip! He got to dig into her dripping-wet pink and very tight pussy. Her pussy was so small. He bent down and kissed her clit then sucked her clit until she was fully turned on. When she turned around and showed us her asshole, it too was the smallest cutest little asshole I've ever had the pleasure to see.

The girl apparently knew how to deep throat, and she took on this guy's huge cock all the way down. I mean all the way down to his pubic bone against her nose, and this dude was built like a stallion. They get into a 69 position. He struck her ass over and over again, and all she kept saying was "Harder. Harder!" He drilled her and positively slammed her with his very hard cock and eventually, her sweet teen box was going to be literally stuffed with cum, so he made her turn around and put it on her face, and in her mouth!

This is one teen site that I can definitely recommend. With the access to the whole Porn Pros Network of sites and some great content featuring hot young women in great hardcore scenes why wouldn't I?


Recommend this site? Good grief, yes. It's just so full of youthful enthusiasm, teen sex, and the pinkest of little 18-year-old pussies; you can't help but love the site. OK, Im back. I just went to...err.... get a drink of water, yeah, that's it, water! By the way, once I started that video and it went to the end of that part, since it came in eight parts, it would self-start to the next section automatically for me. All very hands free in case your hands are busy drinking water, or something, you know? Then too, there are a myriad of other sites that they tack onto this. Some of them even feature a bit of BDSM, but mostly it's about fucking and sucking. You will have no trouble getting around in the members area with easy to follow links to help you sort through the content, and with this huge network thrown in you will have enough hardcore content to keep you busy forever and a day.

Score: 89

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