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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2009-04-28
Last Updated: 2013-10-01

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Shady P.I. has a most interesting premise. The story goes like this; there was once this guy who had an inkling that his wife was cheating on him, so he went out and purchased hidden cameras to spy on her and possibly catch her in the act. So, catch her, he did! In return he walked out of his house to never return, and became an undercover Private investigator specializing in aiding other guys who suspect their own wives are cheating on them.

Once you put in your user name and your password, the page opens up on the Porn Pros page. The site is nowhere in evidence. Live chats are presented on this page, as are Porn Pros plugs and an update calendar. At the very top of the page are Home, Search, Sites, My Favorites, Live Cams and finally Get Laid. There are tiny boxes slightly below that say Pick a site, Pick a category, and Pick a model. Choosing the Pick a site, I was finally able to direct myself to the Shady P.I. site! The sites are not even in alphabetical order, so you'll be forced to read each one of them to find the site you desire. It's obvious that they need to redesign the site and create an easier way to get into it!

Once inside, finally, there are a number of screen caps each showing the name of the girl that was investigated and the date, however the date has no year on it. At any rate, for a site supposedly launched sometime in Sept of 2008, they've come a long way!

Whichever movie you select, a screen opens up showing you that the movie can be watched in 8 different clips, and there's also a place to click if you wish to download the entire movie.

The pictures themselves are all in Hi-res except for the screen caps, but the videos, because they are taken with tiny spy cams, are often poorly lit and mis-aimed, which cements the above mentioned premise. It's truly a very well engineered theme, and makes taking of videos quite easy for them, as one does not expect different camera angles from a spy camera, though there are some since so many cameras were planted! There are, however, no close ups of the sex organs or the mouth during blowjobs. In that respect the voyeur aspect is easy to swallow. **Wink**

I must say, however, that the cheaters that the P.I. finds are definitely delicious lookers, and they simply ooze sexual need, which is so cool to find in a woman. Once bedded, they know what they are doing too, and it shows. They simply jump to perform blowjobs and get fucked. There's never a way to cover that kind of need!

You will also enjoy the massive amount of exclusive bonus content you will get when you join Shady Pi. For the reduced membership price you will have full access to the whole network of 24 sites that comprise the Porn Pros Network. This means thousands of great scenes, all for one low membership price.


In conclusion, i have to confess that I loved the theme, and got right into it. There were so many touches that emphasized the theme throughout each presentation that I must say that I was impressed. If you want to see a site where it's obvious that the producers cared enough to present it properly, this is definitely a site you should visit.

Score: 84

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Pros & Cons

  • Adherence to the theme is cute
  • The Hi-res pics are really great
  • Girls are good lookers
  • The site needs total revamping
  • Not sure that all the name calling is necessary
  • Very confusing to navigate

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