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As a niche this is a big one, for some are enamored by shoes on feet, toes, actual feet, soles and arches only, and some by simply feet. Some like to see feet encased in painful shoes, others like to kiss and lick feet and many like to watch foot jobs where someone uses their feet to caress the male member. Those into BDSM like to watch feet being caned, called the bastinado, and many men love the idea of cumming onto their loved one's feet.

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1st Place

Join Hot Legs and Feet

Hot Legs and Feet

In conclusion, a foot or leg fetish requires tremendous artistry in both videos as well as pictures to render a satisfying conclusion, so a fetish minded practicing photographer is needed, and Denys Defrancesco does indeed have not only that artistry, but he delivers Each scene has an excellent description of what you will see, and...

2nd Place

Join Foot Fetish Daily

Foot Fetish Daily

In conclusion, if you are one of the people who have a strong foot fetish, finally you've come to the right place, Foot Fetish Daily. You will see thousands of pictures of feet be they small or big, with and without toe polish, or encased in hose, including fishnets! You'll get to watch erotic foot jobs too. ...

3rd Place

Join Beautiful Barefoot Girls

Beautiful Barefoot Girls

In conclusion, this is definitely "the" site for those with a foot fetish. The girls are wholesome and cute, and they love showing off their feet for you. The site contains a huge amount of pictures as well as a good amount of videos, plus some extras too. Extras include stories, as well as articles about feet. ...

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