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VOD or Video On Demand sites aren't as popular as regular porn sites however they do have their place for those looking for specific types of porn and select scenes within a porn niche. To elaborate better, VOD sites are sites where people can go to pick the scenes they actually want to buy. They're like the common pay per view you might be used to with your cable package. These types of sites allow you to enjoy live streaming at its finest without paying high monthly fees or for porn you didn't want in the first place. You simply visit a VOD site and select the scenes you actually want to enjoy and pay only for those specific scenes. Prices are generally reasonable for purchasing video scenes. They range from cents to a few bucks. This method of getting your porn makes perfect sense - pay for what you actually want! We have a list of our top VOD reviews for you to browse through which make it super easy to get started with this type of porn site. These sites are ranked by score to make it easy on you. Alternatively, you can browse our top three favorite VOD sites which we found to be the best value for customers. Good luck.

1st Place

Join Hot Movies

Hot Movies

In conclusion, because a VOD site's worth is equaled by the site's efficacy to search out the movies you wish to see, this site rates very high. The search engine narrows down exactly what the viewer wishes, and there are more than enough movies for it to search that it will find it! ...
Review Score 90

2nd Place

Join Life Selector

Life Selector

There are 675 videos available for you to peruse here to your heart's content, but until you know what the site is all about, you'll probably think that it's just another hardcore porn site like all the others are. Well, you definitely would be wrong, as you see this site is about satisfying fantasies your way. Yes, that's correctyour...
Review Score 80

3rd Place

Join Kink On Demand

Kink On Demand

If kink is your middle name, you will absolutely love this site, as you are the one who makes the choice of what site(s) suit your kinks best. No more do you have to pay for a myriad of sites that only occasionally have just what you are looking for, here you'll get to look through the best of over 20 very kinky sites! The quality and...
Review Score 79

VOD Porn Site Reviews

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1 $14.99 49% 3570/3570 95
2 150000/0 90
3 $24.95 51720/0 82
4 4800/0 81
5 $9.95 675/0 80
6 $19.95 50% 9000/9000 79