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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2013-11-28
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The Cum Trainer is actually named Britney and she is a delightful young lady with a damn good figure who began her own porn site with herself as the main star. She specializes in blowjobs of course as the title leads you to believe of course. It truly is her personal hardcore site and she is a cumguzzler for sure. Her goal is to demonstrate how to gobble cum out of the original package in various ways. Now granted she is not a professional model, but it is obvious that she has definitely paid attention to the professional porn. What that means is that she knows how to position the camera for the best angles, and she knows how to turn herself to advantage as well.

She writes at one point that since she did not have the technical means of creating a split screen that instead she made do with the use of a mirror. We have all got to agree that the girl named Britney is one smart cookie. The other thing she's got is some rather large totally natural tits. She knows that they are rather nice, as titties go, and therefore takes good advantage of them. She has also been known to perform tit fucking with them, and you can bet that her boyfriend definitely enjoyed that to the hilt.

When you see photos, they were all shot by Britney, as she is a very imaginative girl. She also creates her own blog in order to get people to come to her site. As you view her pictures you will definitely agree that she is one busty girl. Of course she is very proud of her tits, and so most pictures feature her bursting through bras as well as bikini tops.

She does enjoy being degraded. Proof of this is the fact that she even has pictures of her giving a blowjob in a men's bathroom. Plus, one sees that she also has a mild foot and toe fetish, as proven by a most interesting shot of her with her feet up in the air toward the camera. She is totally naked and the shot even centers on her bare pussy. Some of her best shots have been those of her own pussy lips, and even her own juicy clit. One of her better self-shots is one where she is giving a blowjob to a man with a rather large cock and balls. However it is the position that makes this doubly interesting for her head is off the bed and thus his balls were covering up her nose. Her comment is "I had a hard time breathing," which we can readily imagine from the position.

There is a totally delightful gif showing her being taken anally with her on top of the man's body, showing her jumping up and down his hard cock so that it is slipping in and out of her poop chute incredibly hard. You will especially love the shots of her tits taken from beneath showing off the veins in her natural breasts, for they are quite beautiful. There is also one cumshot where the guy just jizzed on her bare nipples that we believe is very memorable.

One of the things she does that really is done well is that she will drink jizz directly from a glass. Just the pictures of her doing this are so fantastic. Another thing that she is really good at and has done a lot is to do ass to mouth, known as ATM. She has also filmed herself giving head, but not with the camera aimed at her performing mouth, but instead at her bouncing tits.

She currently has over 124 HD videos and 172 regular videos, with each lasting around 7 minutes. There is Flash, WMV as well as MP4s. Also there are 124 Hi res. galleries accompanied by 209 regular galleries. All picture galleries are Zipped for download.


In conclusion there are some excellent tricks and techniques covered in this site called Cum Trainer as far as swallowing man cum. If you truly love some wild cumshots and some unique facial humiliation, you will love this site. The entire site is filled with uniqueness for cum swallowing that is often described as being one of a kind which we give credence to. It is truly delightfully sick and twisted in a great way. The star of this site is named Britney, and surely after this site catches on there will be a new way to swallow jism known as the Britney!

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