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Those who are looking for a hook up can be bombarded by the state of online dating. There are many dating sites out there that promise you a guaranteed fuck but are they blowing smoke out their asses or are they tried, tested and true? You're looking for real sex buddies and we want to help you find them with the help of our reviews. We have done a lot of research on the subject of finding swingers and guaranteed hookups and we've found some adult personals websites that you might find very useful in the aid of finding real girls, guys and couples to hook up with. Firstly, we write every single one of our reviews and that means we've actually gone into the site and personally reviewed each and every listed site. We have made a table of reviews as you'll see near the bottom of this page which compares these sites in a neat little setup. We wanted to make it even easier to find the best hook up site, so we added our top three picks in this category for easy reference. People who don't know a lot about adult dating should really read the top three reviews first before you travel down the list to the lesser ranked sites.

1st Place

Join Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is so much more than just a "roll in the hay" finder. The people there are rather genuine, and so if you are indeed seeking a friend, either female or male, depending on your own sex orientation, chances are very good that you will be able to meet someone, at least for one date, and who knows what else? Many of...
Review Score 86

2nd Place

Join Sex Search Com

Sex Search Com

In conclusion it's a very large site, and you will have many to choose from unless you fill out the search engine so tightly that no one will be found that suits your demands. However, leave some generalities there, and the computer will search and find you someone to talk with. ...
Review Score 85

3rd Place

Join Amateur Match

Amateur Match

In conclusion, if it's a sexy sex partner you desire, or just for "perusing" this site is a winner! There's just so much to do, you'll quickly become addicted to the entire site from looking at the pictures, to reading profiles, to having a one on one chat it's all there for you, well laid out, and absolutely thrilling to do!...
Review Score 85

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