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Flexible Positions Review

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Reviewed by: Desiree on 2009-01-08
Last Updated: 2013-10-01

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The Flexible Positions site is dedicated to the pursuit of chicks with big tits being bent into crazy positions while being fucked within an inch (or eight) of their lives! As I surfed the main page of the Flexible Positions site, I felt my belly fill with that now familiar dread as I spied multiple pictures of what appeared to be the same brunette model, or her evil identical twin, highlighted in every shot. But as I scrolled down on the main page I began to see some semblance of variety as they at least threw a few blonde babes in the mix. After logging in I was pleasantly surprised to learn that logging in to Flexible Positions gave you instant Access to up to 16 other sites offered by PornPros. Jackpot!

While I was ready for a lot supposed "gym babes" what I wasn't anticipating was a porn flick with an actual scenario. Said workout hotties are minding their own business, contorting their implant-laden bodies into contortions, while being plowed by their unsuspecting yet totally aroused trainer. While the script won't win any Oscar nods, I sincerely appreciate the effort at a back story.

Featured ladies treat us to a view of their "workout", doing splits, backbends, pretzel positions and precariously balancing themselves on exercise balls while being plowed. Takes some talent and skill I'm sure, but I was completely certain that said feats could not be accomplished without possible injury. Of course after a while, curiosity got the best of me and I began to download a full-length movie with this week's featured actress "Cherokee". Available in the most popular formats available for download, the movies are broken into 6-8 parts averaging 3-5 minutes per clip if you just want a segment or the full movie if you want the entire experience. The downside: slowing down your roll. Because of the good quality and high resolution of the video, download can take up to 45 minutes and will render your network to that of a snail's pace.

After finally getting the download, I immediately inspected the goods to see if it was worth the wait. The movie I sampled featuring Cherokee started with her working out on an elliptical machine but it isn't too long before she's got those tits out and jiggling while doing a shoulder press and giving us luscious views of her fat ass in a black thong while riding an exercise ball and doing her specialty, Chinese splits. Cherokee's trainer soon joins in the fun and is another pleasant surprise as he's not the worst looking male actor I've seen and he's at least equipped with a quite impressive dick. Cherokee shows off her pliability by giving the stud a very juicy blowjob while doing a backbend supported by an exercise ball and gets rammed with inches of cock as she balances precariously with her legs well behind her ears. The "gym" is a little pathetic as we can easily make out the file cabinets being covered by thin sheets and that our equipment is little more than a couple of free-weight machines, a yoga mat and a dumbbell. Who cares about the set, at least both actors looked like they were genuinely enjoyed performing with each other, a rarity in the porn world.

For your already discounted price for membership at Flexible positions you will also get access to the whole Porn Pros Network of sites. This means 24 exclusive sites and over 7,000 hardcore scenes that cover a great variety of hardcore subjects. With so few scenes and little in the way of updates, this adds great value for your hard earned dollar. With daily updates and so much to see already, you will be in porn heaven.


I would give the Flexible Positions site my highest rating yet for a good looking, easy to use site, access to up to 23 other sites with one login, good-quality, well-produced content, and finally a set of actors that knows what fucking is supposed to look like. Bravo! The fact that there is only a small amount of content, and it no longer updates is a let down, but for a great porn package at a competitive price it's value.

Score: 84

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  • Discounted price and full access to a network of 24 sites included in your membership
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  • Access to more sites through one login
  • No longer updates
  • small amount of flexible content

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