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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2009-04-06
Last Updated: 2013-10-01

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Pimp Parade is a very interesting site if you can wade through the fake homey talk that the producers have graced the site with. The lame excuse is, I am sure, that they want us to pretend that we are being spoken to by an uneducated black pimp whose favorite words are nigger and bitches interspersed by such winning sentences as "rubbin' their big tits n' eatin' eachotha ouut!!!" BUT other than the fake pimp talk, this site is filled with some very fine videography, and even finer black and Latina women, ranging in age from 18 to 26 or so. Regardless of their color, they all have those rounded tits and even rounder bottoms that we all admire.

These honeys are frequently seen traveling in packs of six or eight, and it's evident that the producers rounded up some beautiful black ladies and set up various photography sessions with them to fill this site. The action all takes place in one location, an apartment belonging to the supposed pimp.

The films start out with interviews, some of them taking quite a long time, but the girls laugh a lot though, and are truly as warm as could be. Their smiles are definitely the real thing.

So they take all the gals out of the kitchen eventually where the interviews have been taking place and they move to the living room where all the girls start to do the pimp. Just imagine five beautiful black girls just all ganging up on one guy, and you're that guy!

For some reason, they keep switching rooms, going from one to the other; I guess that's all part of the parade! Once in each room, they proceed to attack this guy. While one licks his balls, the other goes down on his dick; another still,licks his nipples while another sucks the other nipple. The fifth woman reaches in between his legs and strokes his ass gently. When eventually one gets onto his cock to fuck, another girl sucks that girl's nipples. It's more than a parade; it's a true all out orgy! While one is being fucked her girlfriend sticks her fingers up her ass then licks her fingers with enthusiasm.

If anything you'll get off on the sounds, all of them moaning, groaning and screaming while the others screech and talk about what they are doing or having done to them. It's an all-inclusive, the sound is great, and every once in a while you hear the slap of hand against big round ass cheeks followed by a moan. If you are in love with black women, and want to see them at their absolute sexiest, fucking and sucking for all they are worth, this site is definitely for you.


You'll never feel more a part of a sexual totally free-for-all as you will at this site. They are all amazingly greedy when it come to cock, and they all know what to do with it until finally that cock puts out the gooey white jism that they've all been working for! This site is absolutely the bomb!

Score: 71

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Pros & Cons

  • Total uninhibited sexuality
  • Black women of all types but thoroughly beautiful
  • Round black asses that jiggle so well
  • Reduced membership price gets you full access to the whole porn pros network of sties
  • Very politically incorrect, but maybe that/s your thing!
  • No updates in years
  • small amount on this site

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