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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2009-06-19
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There's a new word for you, "throated." What it means is that a girl is going to deep throat and have her throat thoroughly fucked. Her throat will get pounded. This will cause her throat to get expanded by wide fat cocks simply dying to teach that girl the meaning of deep throating. So she'll start by gagging and spitting a bit, but she'll eventually learn. She wants to suck cock, and eventually she becomes throated! That's when that man's cock slips easily down her esophagus, and she's learned how to flex those wonderful throat muscles so that you feel as if her throat is downright milking your dick. She literally swallows it, much like a sword swallower can swallow a sword, but this time it's your sword!

If that makes you yearn to see it, and if you wish it would happen to you, perhaps you'd best get to this wonderful site owned by "My Xxx Pass" as part of their incredible network of only the best porn to be found. No matter which of their sites you join, you will undoubtedly want to check out Throated! The girls do their very best to nestle their noses in the hard pubic bone of their men, as they swallow him whole. At this site, I was even able to watch the most thrilling move I've ever watched a gal do while deepthroating. This one girl not only swallowed the guy down enough to have her nose in his pubic bush, but she managed to stick out her tongue and lick his balls while her exceedingly deep throat muscles massaged his cock!

Speaking of My Xxx Pass, as mentioned you'll get to check out their entire network after you join one of their sites, so it might as well be this one, right? All together, they proudly say that you can visit any of their 5 different sites, where you'll be exclusively regaled with a massive amount of awesome scenes, hundreds of models, thousands of videos, High Quality pictures, and you also receive thousands of bonus scenes. That's enough to make your cock ache for days and days in my book. Look for our other reviews such as those done on "Only Teen Blowjobs".

As a member of Throated, you'll be able to download those incredibly hot videos in either MPEG and Windows Media formats. There are over 380 of 'em. The videos average about 20 minutes. The Windows Media format lets you thoroughly enjoy the most fantastic quality playback! You can also get those videos as full-length videos. There is no DRM on the site, nor is there any download limit. Videos can also be streamed in browser, which is just awesome.

Most of the pictures, generally associated with the videos, are in hi-res, and there are so many that you'll want to save to your hard drive that you'll be highly thankful that they can be saved as Zip files!

The greater amount of the stuff on Throated is first-rate, but there's really rough, hardcore throating as well as face fucking. They push these gals to go deeper and deeper by holding onto their hair or pushing on the back of their heads. If you love rough sex, this is definitely a site for you, as most of the time the guys don't care how much coughing or gagging their chicks manage, just so long as they perform great deepthroat!

Pricing for membership is very low, thanks to a deal these guys can offer our readers. This discount is across the board, whether you take a month or a year and it brings down the price by a whooping 50 percent. That means that a whole years membership to Throated will only set you back 49.95, which is less than the cost of 3 months for many other sites out there.


Throated is a totally great site, if you love watching deepthroating to the Nth degree, and love seeing the women's faces delight at the prospect of blowing their guys. After watching a few of those videos you'll know that deepthroating is really an art that most men wish their females knew all about. It's not just shoving your cock down her throat, she has to want to take it all in and you'll see the best doing it over and over again, and those learning how to do it gagging and coughing. It's just a site that's photographed very professionally, and it certainly shows in all their pictures as well as their videos.

Score: 89

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