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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2010-01-10
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This site is one that appeals to a myriad of people, perhaps because it is such a great male fantasy. Being the cuckold means that your girl, your wife, your significant other gets laid by another while you watch, or even while you participate. Your female will be deprecating your sorry ass, and mostly your sorry cock too! She'll make fun of it while she's being screwed by a man who is more of a man to her than yourself. It will be superbly humiliating to you, to see another bested by her, and she'll make sure you feel the humiliation down to your toes, perhaps while she's having her toes sucked by this other male! This site is also going to appeal to those who love to see interracial content as well.

You will find that all of the movies will play immediately through a splendid full-length streaming movie. Or if you wish to download the movie, you can download it as a full movie with either Broadband WMV, or Mid-band WMV. In addition, you may also download it as 2 minute clips if you need. The movies last on average of 40 minutes each.

There are approximately 260 Hi-res pictures in each of the picture albums. All of these pictures are in Hi-res, yes I am saying it twice so that you note it. With the days of more complicated technical advancements, there is no reason to watch movies, nor look at pictures that are not technically the best. This site will not disappoint. You may also download the pictures using the Zipped formats too.

On this site, the females are all simply gorgeous, and the men that are being cuckolded are simply wimpy that's all there is to that. A lot of the cuckolded males are being cuckolded by huge black males who are built like a stallion, and the white females are ecstatic to feel themselves finally satisfied as they get fucked, performing anal, going down on the guy and finding what it's like to come away from a fuckfest like that with a gaping pussy and gaping asshole too!

At times, the women chose an array of big black dicks to satisfy them and the horny cuckold gets to watch her fucked silly by them, perhaps while wearing his woman's panties on his head. Sometimes, there simply are no choices but to simply watch, because they are tied and made to watch. It goes further too, as sometimes the cuckold has to lick out his woman's pussy when it's oozing cum from her lover too, or perhaps even lick the cum that spilled out of her onto the floor. These women can't stop raving about the non-stop pounding of those super-sized black cocks, while their husbands are demeaned in every manner possible.

Now granted, sometimes it's the cuckold who comes up with the brilliant idea to let his wife have a black cock sliding in and out of her dripping wet snatch. That's when they finally wish they did not have that fantasy when they have to cleanse their wife's cunt of all that powerful black jism!

When you become a member of Cuckold Sessions, you will also be able to access the other wondrous sites in The Network, with such sites as Interracial Pickups, The Minion, Watching My Mom Go Black, Wife Writing, Blacks On Cougars, and Blacks On Blondes. All together there are 21 more sites that you will be able to see, with most of them falling into the interracial niche, with some more cuckold content scattered through some of these sites.


In conclusion this appeals to those who want to see cuckolding as well as interracial content too. The women chosen are definitely great looking chicks, and the pathetic males are well cast too, but not as well as the very well-endowed blacks chosen to screw the women, amongst other things. You will even get to see some of these cuckolds wearing chastity paraphernalia, you know, cock cages? Navigations is made very easy with well-written long descriptions of what you are going to see. Not only will you see tons of huge black cocks fucking those delicate white gals, but you'll even see some great facials too!

Score: 86


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Videos 89+ video clips (about 40 min each)
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  • Needs to adhere to an update schedule

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