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Candy Monroe Review

Reviewed by: LittleO on 2010-08-27
Last Updated: 2010-08-27

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Candy Monroe is one of a kind, and I mean that in the nicest possible way. Between her looks that are totally unique, and her tattoos, which are also unique, it stands to reason that she'd be a very unique Dominant, and she is! The lady is into everything unique too, as well as into all that is wild and passionate, including her tattoos and piercings, her undeniable control, and then cuckold activity and of course the interracial sex that will keep her happy, as it always has! Also never discount that the lady is hot, very hot in this hardcore site. She makes a statement no matter what she ever does, and the statement is always very unique, just like herself. On this site, Candy Monroe has found a way in her solo model site to blend torture, humiliation, and degradation and then add to that, pure pleasure!

Never have so many been so humiliated by one single female as the hapless males that fall into her Dominant clutches! She has them dressed as infants in one scene complete with pacifier and cutesy baby bonnet and of course a diaper then she ridicules the man, putting him into the corner, and the next guy to fall for her Domination is kept naked throughout, as she looks for where the next guy's Achilles heel is and when she finds it, she uses it with gusto.

Mind you we are not mentioning her constant put-downs while she gets screwed by black males with billy clubs for cocks which lets her berate the white guys even more. Candy has an insatiable appetite for fucking hugely hung black dudes, and since she has a truly lush, sexy body with tons of delicious curves she's wonderful to watch in action even if she does have multi-colored hair! With a last name like Monroe she reminds one of Marilyn Monroe but on some kind of drug trip.

Updates to this site seem to have come to a standstill so you will get 73+ videos which last about 26 minutes each. They play for you in WMV (Windows Media format), and you may feel free to download them as the site has no license restrictions (No DRM). There are choices for multi-bandwidth, and you may download full scenes if you so desire. Each episode you will see has her touch on it, namely the interracial and cuckold themes that this site specializes in. Flash streaming makes watching them a pure joy too.

There are approximately 73 galleries, and each has about 190 pictures in them. The pictures are in Hi res. and you can download them in Zipped files if you wish.

Along with Candy Monroe, you will receive many other sites as a bonus. In fact your membership cost will get you full access to 22 sites that comprise the Dogfart Network. You will find loads of hot interracial and cuckold style porn here that adds great value to your membership, especially since this site no longer seems to be updating.


In conclusion, this site is a cuckold/interracial party with Candy Monroe as the star performer. Candy is a tattooed / pierced girl who is sort of 50's and then possibly something imagined on an acid trip! Candy absolutely loves to fuck black men and at the same time humiliate white men, its as simple as that! She derides the white men and praises the black guys to the point of pure disappointment on the side of the white guys.

Score: 73


Content Quality Good
Pricing Fair
Updates None


Videos 73+ video clips (about 26 min each)
Pictures 73+ galleries (about 190 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Exclusive interracial "cuckold" content
  • Good bonus network of sites
  • High quality photos and great camera work
  • No longer seems to update
  • No search capability
  • Needs more viewing/downloading options

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