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Watching My Mom Go Black Review

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Reviewed by: Sadie on 2009-04-01
Last Updated: 2009-04-01

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Watching My Mom Go Black - the title pretty much sums it up. This porn site, in an ironic attempt to play on racial fears from a bygone era, exploits a conspiracy-laden, fear-of-a-black-hat mentality and begs the question: "What if you caught your white mother having sex with a black man?" Of course, it's strictly entertainment here; even more, it's porn. And if seeing the latest bukkake video has taught us anything, it's that porn knows no bounds!

The site, which we'll refer to as "WMMGB" (Yeah, it's an acronym. Whatever... get off my back!) for your reading pleasure, starts off as whimsical as they come. Upon logging on, a poor, surprised white boy is seen asking, "What the fuck, mom?" as a black penis - more likened to a tree trunk in this instance - rips apart the womb from whence he came. Kinda gross? Scary? Don't worry; the hardcore sex action is as hot as it gets.

As you may have already guessed, the site deals - as the Dogfart team specifically deals - with interracial relationships; more specifically in this case, black love muscles taking out their reparations in the form of white woman plundering. If you're a fan of black meat vs. white heat, you'll love what this site has to offer. It does get a bit cheesy at times. Different niche lovers can appreciate various aspects of the site: MILFs, interracial, and BBC - which, as us women know all too well, stands for "big black cock." It's a win-win.

The girl selection isn't anything worthy of a prize in a beauty contest. Most of the women fit their respective roles; looking older, beat up, and like the mothers they're supposedly playing. A recurring theme on the site is white mothers forced to repay their son's debt by sleeping with one, or a team of, extremely well-hung black men. Other similar stories are found in the 30+ videos.

When it comes to quality, the playback is great on the MMV downloads. You can choose from downloading the full movie and/or partial segments, and also watching the streaming version from the site. The quality of the streaming videos is run-of-the-mill, with a good connection needed for flawless playback. The average video length is around 30 minutes.

Unfortunately, Dogfart isn't the Wal-Mart of the porn world, like, say, BangBros and Brazzers are. When you purchase your membership to WMMGB, that's the only site you're gaining access to. There's also a fundamental lack of all-around content. Even though the site updates somewhat regularly, 30+ videos for 30+ monthly seems on the high end of outrageous.


There's certainly nothing wrong with watching someone else's mom take a pounding from a porn stud with more penis than a midget has leg. So to that end, Watching My Mom Go Black scores big points with its respective niche. It's also able to draw in a fan base due to the MILFs showing how much abuse they can still take after all these years.

If this is up your alley (figuratively or literally), WMMGB probably has something for you. The video quality is great; the download speed is fast; photo galleries, if they're your cup of tea, are plentiful; and hardcore, screaming in agony action is in no short supply. It's not the best of the Dogfart family, but there's a little spot reserved for mom bangers in porn heaven.

Score: 67


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