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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2009-02-20
Last Updated: 2021-05-10

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This site proclaims itself as bound women, disciplined, humiliated, flogged, whipped, spanked, and caned. OK, so much for describing content, huh? Let's face it the people have the BDSM market totally cornered. The reason for this is, of course, the fact that they have beautiful kinky submissive women offering up their bodies for the punishments listed above, and it's all sensual and definitely safe, sane and consensual!

Those in the BDSM lifestyle, whether Dominant or submissive, will especially appreciate that consensual description. There is absolutely nothing more hokey and ludicrous than watching someone "take" thousands of strokes from a limp wristed Dominant of either sex where you can tell that the strokes are being deliberately held back lest the "slave" become welted and actually feels pain!

Not so, with Whipped Ass, where the name fits the action, and the submissive women are real submissive women and not some poor drugged out-of-her-mind whore who will do anything to feed her habit. Nothing turns me off more than track marks on the inside of a woman's arm. There's never been a place for the combination of safe BDSM and drugs. Both Dominant and submissive must have their wits about them, for what they do is inherently dangerous. Whipped Ass and have taken care to do this properly, and hence it's all so sensuously presented that one can relax and enjoy it all, knowing that this is the real stuff, and there won't be fake whippings ever portrayed.

I've often heard it said that only a woman can know how to truly hurt another woman. There's a lot of truth to that, and you only have to watch Whipped Ass to agree with that statement. The "Dommes" are elegant and regal in their domination. They command respect, and obedience from their female charges. Over and over again, I was impressed with the manner that each Domme used her inner strength to dominate the submissive. Unlike many male Dominants who rely on brutal strength to "back up" their Dominant sides, a woman tends to simply dominate by utilizing the air of awe that the submissive exhibits in her presence. They feed off of each other through a totally feminine yin and yang.

Pain is taken from and utilized by the Domme because it is offered by the submissive. Watch carefully, and you'll see that women surrender to each other. Surrender is the most effective operative word. The dominant women sport massive strap-ons and the submissives not only take the anal pounding or fucking in the most breathtaking manner but also beg for it. In most of the scenes at this site you can cut the sexual tension with a knife, which is how all BDSM scenes should go. Whipped Ass must have the best directors in the business in order to have captured the pure essence of a girl-on-girl scene as they consistently do.

Am I impressed by this site? You betcha! The scenes are delightful, the submissives are soft and sensuous and the Dominants earn their submissive's respect in the best manner possible -- they respect the submissive.


Whipped Ass is yet another diamond in the BDSM side of porno. It's girl-on-girl BDSM that radiates the energy between the women in a way that many only dream of seeing. You can also look forward to a huge amount of bonuses in the form of the 30 Kink Unlimited sites. This will give you access to over 11,000 exclusive BDSM and kink scenes. This makes this the ultimate package for those looking for the best BDSM content on the internet.

Score: 90

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Pros & Cons

  • What more can one say, than they know what they're doing!
  • The director's professional touch is evident when you see some of the breathtaking shots in both pictures and videos
  • Lesbian BDSM, what more can you ask for?
  • Discounted price and full access to all 30 Kink sites included
  • Unless BDSM is your "thing" this site will not make sense to you. Yes, it can look terribly brutal
  • I personally do not like seeing the black feet of the submissives. It's a small thing, but why must BDSM dungeons be so dirty, with slaves all about available to clean them?
  • A few of the scenes were contrived, but they can't all be perfect, can they?

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