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Blacks On Blondes Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2009-04-01
Last Updated: 2014-05-12

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Blacks on Blondes is a DogFart owned site that deals with hardcore interracial sexual depravity! If ever you've had the fantasy of a huge beefcake black male with outsized organs pounding away on a tiny white blonde female, this site will bring you gobs of satisfaction. The site has been around a good while, and it has a reputation for being an excellent interracial site. It's filled with fat black cocks driving into comely cute white women.

I've seen a lot of porno sites, but this one ranks as 100 thoroughly organized. When you enter the site, there's a thumbnail picture of the actress in the particular video you're going to see. There's a rating attached to that, as well as a thorough sexy description of the scene. Each of the download options is listed and there are ten sets of videos listed per page.

Now the default is to organize these sets by the date, however, you can make this highly personalized by organizing them instead by ratings. What's cool is that you can do this by your ratings, not the general populace rating.

Additionally, besides this interesting piece of personalization, there are also supplementary little extras like interracial stories that mainly come from the members themselves and even cartoons. Reading the stories alone will make you very horny. Oh, and there's also a personals section too, which is always interesting to read. People are very honest in what they seek, and yes, I kept my hard on just reading those. Of course everyone loves the picture galleries, and these come twelve sets on each page. There are tons of pages to check out!

Within each set, there are other thumbnails that allow you to open the immense choices of very high quality photographs. You will be amazed at the sheer numbers that are available for your perusal, inspection and drooling...err, that is going over, yeah, that's it, going over.

As for the videos many of them offer you download options. The higher resolution ones are almost DVD quality! You'll love seeing the white flesh being pierced by the black flesh in these videos. The quality of the pictures really sets off the color differences, which is what this site is all about! These are the blackest of black dicks on the whitest women-women who take up to two huge black cocks in their snatch-and wide-open white mouths gagging on huge mega black meat.

Various actresses are favored and once you see them in action you'll know why. If you know what this Blacks on Blondes site is about, you'll relish hearing that many of their videos star Venus, Honey, Cherry Poppens, Elise, Candace Cox, Jennifer, and Kasey Dean.

The site proclaims that there are 37 full length movies, and 329 Hi-Res pics! The amount of black dicked gangbangs will astound you. There's over 8 years of daily black ramming updates here for you to relish!


If gagging modest pink-lipped white ladies trying to deal with massive black cocks is your bag, or watching a tiny white female cunt try to contend with a wide long black dick turns you on more than anything else, you've found the site for yourself. I could not recommend it higher on my personal peter meter.

Score: 86


Content Quality Very Good
Pricing Fair


Videos 330+ video clips (about 30 min each)
Pictures 330+ galleries (about 180 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Good choices of both actors and actresses.
  • Highest quality videos.
  • Delivers what it promises.
  • Some of the male organs shown are not even normal.
  • No dates available on updates.
  • No zip files.

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