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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2013-05-17
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This is, of course, if you have not figured it out via the name of the site, a Femdom site, filled with hapless males being severely humiliated by a woman, usually after she catches him cheating on her, in one way or another. Other scenarios include the husband owing a substantial amount of money to someone who will take it out on the wife "in trade." There is a lot of that involvement, but some are simply different.

Most interesting is the fact that the husband is often made to watch, and often has to join in usually ordered to do something humiliating by the guy fucking his wife. Sometimes that includes sucking the other guy off, and often it's sucking the sperm left on the wife, or sperm left in the wife's snatch. There are other actions such as making the husband kiss the feet of the lover or grovel at his feet. They take cuckolding very seriously in this site!

The wives more often than not love to be fucked by black guys with huge cocks in interracial fuck fests, but with numerous gangbangs, double penetration (DP), multiple cumshots, some very cool ass licking and a lot more besides, these MILFs will do just about anything to humiliate their husbands! There are even videos and pictures of men who are being dressed as women, putting on makeup all for the humiliation of it.

There are currently over 200 videos, most of which run for about 30 minutes or so, you'll find that there are two ways to download the videos, either as WMV for Hi-def., or as QuickTtime/iPod files. You will love the section called the model's profile. You'll get to know what movies she's been in, her height, bra size, if she swallows cum, what her ethnic background is, her favorite food, favorite color, special talents her favorite sexual position, and most perverted fantasy too!

The photo sets are well done, and there are tons of photos to admire. They are Zipped for your ease in downloading too! There are at least 55 photo shoots, with approximately 130 photos in each. You can watch the large photos in a regulated slide show too, which I greatly appreciated. They are all in Hi-res, so that you can see the pictures as well as possible.

The site updates every 3 to 4 days, so you will always have a lot to watch too! Now, my count may be way off, as the updates are not marked at all as to whether or not they are going to contain movies, pictures, or both, nor do they go into a different section. You have to go into each one to find out! When you do luck into a video, they stream instantly and very well indeed. The women are all spectacular, many with real large tits, and very hot bodies, and they all play their parts as sexy slutty wives to the hilt!

Some of the things that the cuckolded men have to do are occasionally very "out there" but that's the name of the game! Also, all content is exclusive on this site. Members are asked to contribute their amateur videos and pictures, which is always interesting. It also has an area for polls having to deal with cuckolding and truly fantastic forums. If you are feeling creative you may even want to submit cuckolding stories for everyone to enjoy. The only real negative I have with this site, is that the ladies need to stop looking at the camera, as it makes them seem bored with it all.


In conclusion if ever you've wanted to see some very involved cuckolding, male on male sucking without it being a gay film, various humiliating things done to the cuckolded male, you will love this site. The newer videos on the site are provided in Hi-def, thus they can appear absolutely wondrous. Most of the photos here are not screen caps, but rather are professional types of photos offered in Hi-res. Content appears to be exclusive, and a new movie will be added every 3-4 days.

Score: 90

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  • Videos sometimes are repetitious, so make girls bitchier

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