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Naughty Alysha Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2009-11-05
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Being human, all of us as adults have some fantasy, some kink even that we find extremely attractive sexually. This is where the phrase fits in when you hear a man say, "I'm a tit man, myself." That particular man would find absolutely nothing more exciting than boobs, and on the other side of the coin he may want nothing to do with feet, no matter what they are wearing. Meet Alysha. She is a nymphomaniac if I ever saw one, and is willing to try just about anything related to sex. One of her talents is being able to shove very unwieldy items up her pussy. You will find some of what she does to be downright amazing too, such as the stretching of her pussy so much that she can accomplish being able to actually play with her cervix! To say that what you will see is extreme is an understatement. She presents some of the raunchiest, nastiest, naughtiest fetish content available currently on the Web. There's ass and pussy stretching, fisting, gangbangs, massive insertions, gyno, squirting, and even food fucking, and she does it all!

You know that old adage that we hear said to kids, "Don't try this at home?" Well, that's fitting here. To most women pushing the cervix around in this fashion is extremely painful, and entering it is considered the province of patients that have been very heavily sedated. Unless a woman has had a ton of kids delivered vaginally, she's not even going to be able to let in something the size of a match head in her cervix. It would therefore seem that Naughty Alysha is an anomaly. She updates her site several times a week and is extremely proud of the fact that she keeps her site fresh.

Her site contains over 80,000 pictures at the last count, thus there will be plenty to look at! If you like to watch fisting, you'll see more here than anywhere else. She can take one or two fists, and sometimes even more. She loves vaginal or anal fisting, either doing it herself or by others, and she will also fist another.

She herself feels that her holes are the biggest ones around, and confesses that she has even damaged her holes to make them the biggest around! She dearly loves being inserted with items that are as big around as footballs, and her awesome pictures on this site, certainly prove that! She's also a great lover of cum, she'll love it in her pussy, in her mouth, or on her face or tits. There are a lot of photos showing her loving and playing with cum! It stands to reason that she dearly loves huge black cocks too, as they pound their manhood deep into her.

The pictures on this site will downright mesmerize you. First you should know that there are over 700 picture sets, which translates to over 70,000 pictures in this massive archive of hers. Most of the shots are naturally amateurish, which is fine, that's how you wish to observe Alysha anyway! The greater majority of the pictures do contain large, high-quality photos. On rare occasions they are lower quality screen caps, but that's rare. The pictures may be viewed in a slide show if you wish. Downloading is easy using Zipped sets.

Remember I told you that this gal loves all sexual things? Well, one of the things she likes to do is go to the local adult theater, and suck on cocks that come through "glory holes."

The various newer video clips that she posts on her site last an average of 15-30 minutes, thus making sure that are getting the most out of her videos as possible. The 900+ movies can be played in low and high bandwidth depending on your connection. They play and download as either MPEG, or WMV. Recently a good Flash player was placed on the site for her members too.

Over and above Naughty Alysha you will receive 3 different bonus sites too. These are Diddle Girls, Extreme Ty, and Slut Savannah. All of this besides games, the"Ask Alysha" section, a message system to communicate with her and personal responses to your emails too!


In conclusion, if you've ever wanted to see what Naughty Alysha is up to lately, you will certainly not be disappointed. Her sexual feats will have you sitting on the edge of your seat often feeling as if you should be cheering her on. Alysha is a gorgeous MILF who absolutely loves to insert large things, no make that humongous things, into her pussy. You will certainly be amazed.

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