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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2011-06-27
Last Updated: 2011-06-27

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Have you ever been in a brothel? If not, then this will be quite a site for you to visit, as it contains a very brothel-like appearance to the site, and of course is hardcore all the way. Now, if you've been to a brothel, then this ought to bring back some very delicious memories for you!

You will find the site to be wonderful especially if you are seeking girl on girl stuff that has been specifically made to excite you. There are a few videos showing them playing with men too though, thus it's not all girl on girl even if their tag line is "Girls with girls for men." If you are a woman seeking girl on girl you won't be disappointed either, guaranteed.

With only 17 videos available to be seen at present, it's obvious that it's not a very old site. The location that they have picked to make their videos is obviously some kind of German bar that has a few tables for patrons and a teeny stage equipped with one dance or stripper pole. It very much has a Private brothel appearance though.

What will you see? Well, at any given time there are anywhere from 2 to 6 good looking babes parading around on the stage, dancing or moving to hip hop or very techno music, which I understand is how it's done in Germany anyway. The girls will touch each other in saphic touches, and there is even one instance of one moving a toy into the other. In one of the videos, two girls share a cock bottle in their snatches, one fucking the wide end, and the other the thin end. They have covered said bottle with two rubbers and fuck each other simultaneously with it.

There are no explanations offered, but all the men are wearing these bright orange bathrobes for some reason, though I did see one woman wearing a bathrobe too. At one point a girl does a strip then gets a bottle of champagne that she pours on herself to let one of the guys who is wearing a black robe lick it off of her as she pours! My guess is that he who wears the black robe has been given very special privileges as he even goes down on her bare but champagne highlighted snatch as she table dances for him. In yet another video you will see a dance session that turns into a full-blown blowjob and some hardcore action.

As to the site itself, the 17 videos are there to be played on the site only using their Flash player in your browser. For some reason, there are absolutely no other options at all. These movies cannot be downloaded, just viewed on their site. They do play for a good 20 minutes each though.

The models appear to be rather amateur looking and are between 18 to maybe 40 years of age. All are Caucasians and appear to be German. There was no update information given here at all. Whether they will present updates is a total unknown. There are no pictures except small ones under each video, but no Zipped pictures as most sites have.


In conclusion, if you like that kind of atmosphere as described, this site should be a lot of fun for you. The girls are all good enough, some with small tits, others with larger tits, but the honky tonk atmosphere is what I liked best here. Shows mainly girl on girl videos.

Score: 72


Content Quality Good
Pricing Cheap
Updates Rare


Videos 17+ video clips (about 20 min each)
Models 6

Pros & Cons

  • Content quality is ok
  • A very unique site
  • Videos are very interesting
  • No downloading of videos
  • No updates listed
  • No picture galleries
  • No free live cam shows