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Sneaky Pee Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2010-03-01
Last Updated: 2010-03-01

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Sneaky Pee is all about ladies who have to relieve themselves so badly that they must do it on the spot, thus the site bills itself as "The home of outdoor desperation." You'll see the "telltale" dance, the furtive looks everywhere, and finally desperation does set in, and they pull down their jeans, or underwear and just let loose with a long satisfying pee that usually just gurgles out. Now, granted this is all set up with a cameraman and all, but there are times when they are interrupted, and that's when the lady just keeps on going, but makes eye contact with the cameraman and grins like a Cheshire cat! Even though it's staged, you can see many of the ladies blushing. Really can't blame them, after all they are completely in the open.

As for the videos, there are over 1200 of them and they are in stellar quality, playing with either Windows Media Player or Quicktime formats. All of the videos are either in the main section or in archive section. The videography is quite good, the ladies are all good looking, and the sites they've picked for doing a sneaky pee are basically out of the way with little chance of getting caught. It is definitely a pee site, called water sports, as some of the movies and pictures also have guys peeing on ladies, while the ladies grin. However mostly it is solo ladies being outdoors and having to go! Of course each video is a few minutes long, but truly just long enough to see what you need to see, and watch the lady put herself back together too.

The amount of picture sets on this site is nothing short of amazing, for there seems to be over 1015 of them! Each set appears to have approximately 40 pics in each. The pictures are great, for they catch all the embarrassment of having to relieve oneself in an alleyway or behind a copse.

The site design is not the greatest in the world, but I figured most of it out. It is a bit confusing in fact I almost missed out on a whole archive section, but you'll find it all I am sure as well as enjoy every minute of it!

It is quite an enjoyable site, except for one thing that I found to be downright obnoxious. All throughout the site they have constant text ads trying to sell you its DVDs! You are constantly bombarded with these ads, to the point of being very irritated which took a lot away from the site! To me, anyway, the irritation factor is worth a good 5 points off.

Back to what you will see on the site: It's interesting how many women want to lean their backsides up against buildings when they pee. I've noted this even when the weather is terribly cold, there's a wind picking up and there's snow around, yet it appears that they still want to lean against a building to pee!


In conclusion if watching girls squat down and take a pee in the field, in alleyways and behind buildings is your thing, then you'll love this site. It is staged, but staged very well, and I especially appreciated the various sites that were chosen for the lady to pee in. All of the models in this site are very good looking and they all do a great job of looking around to make sure no one is watching! Beware of the text ads on the site though, there is now way to disarm them.

Score: 84


Content Quality Very Good
Pricing Fair


Videos 1200+ video clips (about 5 min each)
Pictures 1015+ galleries (about 40 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Quality of videos is excellent
  • Huge amount of content
  • Updates arrive very frequently
  • No Hi res pictures
  • No bonus sites
  • Very poor and irritating site design