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Girls Out West Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2013-05-05
Last Updated: 2013-05-05

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The site claims that there are exclusive daily updates, 400 + amateur girls, 1239+ photo sets, 1239 + videos (averaging 15 min in length) in MP4, WMV, MPG. They also say that there is new and exclusive amateur content added every day - 2 photo sets, 5 videos, as well as a behind the scenes video per week. So, our task is to find out if that's all true! Can't wait to see it but if the trailers and pictures on their introductory page are any indication, this will certainly be fun!

First, you need to know that this is an amateur site that has been created by women and it is for the pleasure of both men and women. It entails showing Australian women doing what women do, thus it's a hardcore site with women masturbating, using toys, doing each other, as well as doing men too. There is even peeing shown. There is a very diversified amount of women featured, some very young and slim, downright delicate, and others are older with meat on their bones.

They are shown all "natural" which to the creator of the site, Annie, means that there are no fake boobs, no faked orgasms, and absolutely no pressure being exerted upon them. Annie brings forth the "real" girl through fantastic professional photography as well as videography, but never losing sight of the erotic energy of amateurs.

Entering the site, you will find the headers that show News, Solo Girls, Girl/Girl, Girl/Boy, Videos, Behind the Scenes, Stories, Extras, Forums, and finally About Annie. In About Annie, you will discover that she is the web hostess, photographer, and video artiste of the site, and that her passions are photography, film, modern art, and lots of sex!

Alright, the nitty gritty is that there are over 1,200 video shoots, they are about 20 minutes long each, and they have just added FLV files and True HD. Thus there are now 6 formats of videos offered. They are: True Hd Videos and Streaming Flash movies, WMV, MP4 MPG in SD HD (576p, 720p 1080p). These are for the newer videos of course. There are no download limits, and no DRM protection. Contents are dated, so that you know the age of any videos or pictures, and there is also an update log. There is a fine model index that gives you a very thorough background on each model, which I dearly love. Each of the girls has an extremely interesting biography and each scene that they are in contains a small box showing precisely what type of action you'll be viewing.

As for the picture sets, you will find approximately 1,239 of those and each set has approximately 150 pictures in each. The pictures are all in Hi-res and of course they are Zipped for your convenience in downloading them.

As you can see, the site lied about its numbers, for they have MORE than they stated in both videos and pictures! Now, that's absolutely incredible, is it not?

So the next question is what exactly will you see? Well, the age range is basically from 20-35 years old, some are tattooed and some pierced, and as already mentioned some are extremely thin and some fall into the full-bodied curvy category. However, they all have something in common with Annie, they all love sex!

The site has an advanced search engine that will allow you to search by action, nudity level, breast size, hair color and age among other things. You will find that there are, in addition, some very basic categories that also enable you to sort by name and date added.

There is so much that is great about the site that it will be next to impossible to find things truly wrong with it. Granted, I've heard it say that in everything there is room for improvement, and I suppose it's true with Girls Out West, but I'll be damned if I can come up with it except for one video I saw that showed a man and a woman fucking on the grass. They were in the full sun, and it was a bit disconcerting to see the shadow of the videographer loom over their pale skin as if a monster was approaching them! I suppose it could have been edited out, but then it would lose that amateur quality that they desire.


This site is one of the most visitor oriented sites I've yet to review. Everything is geared so that everyone enjoys the site, including the girls themselves, as well as the visitors. I had originally wished they would have streaming on their site, but again they are so adept at satisfying their visitors, it was in the works and they now have streaming! The ladies are all sexy, no matter what their possible physical drawbacks may be, and that's what ought to be shown in an amateur site! I loved seeing some hair, some "love handles" and a few pouchy stomachs, none of us are as perfect as what you see on most porn sites.

Score: 91


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Videos 1239+ video clips (about 15 min each)
Pictures 1239+ galleries (about 150 pics each)

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  • Truly excellent videos
  • Daily updates promised
  • Great pictures
  • Zipped photo sets
  • No bonus sites
  • Older videos are lower quality

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