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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2011-06-27
Last Updated: 2017-01-31

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NIP (Nude In Public) Activity is a site that is literally loaded with totally nude female models that are out and about in all manner of public places. With 50 luscious models parading the streets, you will definitely enjoy seeing them in their own habitat! This site does not wait until the wee hours of the morning to send out their models, nor do they do this under cover of night, just the reverse, they send them out in the glare of day when all the tourists are around to do this. The looks of shock on some of the women's faces when they suddenly meet the nude model are definitely worth the price of your admission, as are the admiring glances from the men as well. Do be totally aware that there is nothing more than nudity here, there is never any kind of sexual contact. The exhibitionist thrill comes from their indecent and definitely prolonged exposures in public.

Most interesting of course is to watch some of the men trip all over themselves just to take a photo. It's a wonder some of them do not fall into the various pools and fountains that are out there. The girls all love for them to be seen in extremely busy locations. Thus you will see them in cafes, flea markets, sports fields, national monuments, historical sites, train stations, shopping centers, museums, and various pedestrian zones, anywhere that they can best be seen. Granted, the girls are exhibitionists, and thus rather seem to enjoy the stares, the pointing and the men falling all over themselves as well as the other reactions of the various passers-by!

Apparently this is all filmed in Europe, such as Germany and Austria, but the neatest thing is presented. You click on a model to see what she's done, and you will be presented with full diagram as to what streets she took, where she went, and what the various stops were. The full Google map is there for you to follow her through the streets and then you can click to see either the pictures or the videos of her "trip." In addition everything, and I do mean everything is dated, so that you can tell exactly what day was what! Love it!

The videos are very well taken, with the videographer truly working hard to keep the model in his lens even though there are people trying to stand around the model to take their own pictures! The videos will play in FLASH absolutely beautifully and can be downloaded in FLASH, MP4, WMV, WMVHD. Currently there are over 750 videos here, and each video plays for approximately 2 minutes. This site has no download limit and it has no DRM (no license restrictions), so download away as you desire.

As for the pictures, they are fantastic. You may see them in each gallery, or you can download them as Zipped files if you so desire. Currently there are over 750 galleries, and each contains an average of about 45 pictures.

Updates are very frequent here, for they will update 4 times per week with multiple photo sets as well as videos. Of course all content is exclusive as they do all their own filming.


In conclusion if you like "real" public nudity, not hidden at all, but openly done in complete public locales, you'll like this site. It's very well done and the people's reactions are the absolute best parts, with some men falling all over themselves to take a picture sometimes. Technically it's superb too!

Score: 85


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Videos 750+ video clips (about 2 min each)
Pictures 750+ galleries (about 45 pics each)
Models 50

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