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Joanna Angel Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2010-09-05
Last Updated: 2010-09-05

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In describing this site in as few words as possible, let's just say that it is an amateur Goth site. Goth of course began as a sub classification of punk, and moved from there. The followers of Goth culture wear a lot of black, with pale skin, and are deeply involved in isolation, death, and loneliness interjected with a type of romance. Many Goths are actually creative and very literate. Stop in a while in Joanna Angel's site and have a look around, you just may fall in love with the Goths!

The site gets updated rather regularly, which is refreshing in a single amateur site. There is latest news being offered, as well as her interesting biography, accessing her videos and pics in their separate galleries, or view her on her own webcam which apparently is seized with electronic problems lately. There are other extras as well. Joanna keeps a weekly blog, and thankfully the updates in that seem to keep coming!

What will you see? Well, besides pink hair, tattoos and piercings, you will see FFM threesomes, a number of interracial fucking, gangbangs, anal, strapons, double blowjobs, lots of solo masturbation and even outdoorsy fun and delights. The lady herself, though with the dyed hair and such is actually incredibly sexy and dearly loves sex, whether with a girl, a guy, some who are interracial it matters not, and she can easily switch right in the middle of doing one or the other. She is truly bisexual in every sense of the word.

Currently there are over 200 exclusive videos, and the formats are basically Windows Media, Flash streaming and MPEG. (WM / QT / Flash / POP / IPod) Now, this does not include all the videos, thus that's why I said basically. Each video runs for approximately 10 minutes. You'll also get a choice of hi or low quality.

I must say that I like the organization of this site. Everything is exceedingly easy to find. For instance, the photo sets are well organized with 12 sets per page. They come in by update, but you have a myriad of different options to arrange them by, sex, hardcore, soft core, girl/girl etc. You will see decent thumbnails for each set, how many photos are in each, the name of that set, and the date submitted. The thumbs could use a little enlargement. All together there are 208 picture galleries of Joanna Angel and each contains approximately 63 photos. You can watch the photos via a slide show, or even open a photo on a separate page to full screen! Very nice! Negative though is that there are no Zipped files for ease of downloading pictures.

Additional goodies include webcam archives, and even behind the scenes footage. There are also forums and interviews. Also with your membership to Joanna Angel, you will also receive entry into the following sites: Burning Angel, Cum on My Tattoo, POV Punx, Heavy Metal Pussy Party, Big Boobs Are Cool, and Fuck Me In The Bathroom!


In conclusion, you will get all that is promised in the tour, and then some, which is actually pretty neat! There are a ton of threesomes, a number of interracial fucking, gangbangs, anal, strapons, double blowjobs, lots of solo masturbation and even outdoorsy fun and delights to be had here, so no one looking for hardcore porn can complain! It's really quite a neat site!

Score: 90


Content Quality Good
Pricing Cheap


Videos 200+ video clips (about 10 min each)
Pictures 208+ galleries (about 63 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Nice size archive of exclusive content
  • Tons of extras with great interaction
  • Updates very frequently
  • Decent amount of bonus sites
  • No Zipped pictures, and Webcam seems discontinued
  • Video quality could improve some
  • Videos are short
  • Password entry repetitious

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