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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2009-02-16
Last Updated: 2017-08-14

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Hogtied is a video and picture site that's been the favorite of the BDSM crowd for a long time. The quality of their submissives is always very good, and they have had an excellent variety of them! The site has a particular Dominant that is frequently in the videos and since a BDSM Dominant should be a sadist to come up with inventive ways to "torture" the submissives, he fits the bill very nicely! It's constantly apparent that he enjoys his work enormously.

The greater majority of the submissive women in the videos do not seem to be masochists, and thus we are often treated to real bonafide screams, writhing and an unadulterated look of pain from them. Most however seem to be tremendously attracted to bondage. Interviews shown with some of these incredible women frequently show them confessing that they do practice bondage with their boyfriends, and with most of them it is reflected in their scenes.

The bondage shown in Hogtied is some of the best on the Internet. Some of it is "predicament" bondage such as tying nipples to legs that must not be lowered or else it pulls heavily on the nipples. Eventually the model gets tired and lets her legs sag, but straightens them out immediately as the pull on her tender nipples is abruptly felt. Sometimes holding back a snicker is difficult.

Not content to present the viewer with superb bondage, we are frequently treated to floggers, canes and of course the ubiquitous cat-o-nine tails. Nipples are trapped in various pinching clamps to which weights are added for additional "fun!" The equipment alone is a torturer's dream. The various gags are professionally made, the ropes are top quality, and the wooden apparatuses are a total wonder. No part of these sexy women is spared. From hair bondage, to being made to lick up their own squirtings on dirty floors, these women are put through their BDSM paces. Stress positions are always very exerting and exceedingly tantalizing to watch.

Screaming orgasms that will rock you are common on this site, and sometimes submissives are made to cum over and over again, until you can tell that if one more is wrested from their aching bodies they just may pass out from the pain/pleasure that is exerted on them.

Tickle torture is often seen, and it's just so pleasurable to watch a young lady scream and try to pull her body away from those tickling hands. Usually they are bound very tightly before this kind of torture is applied, and so bulging breasts are often being treated to the tightening of bonds while she tries to escape the tickling.

Do you love asshooks, branks, and the usual tight cages? Oh yes, I do too, and they know how to use them in this site! Vibrating dildos, cock gags and cages? Yep they use those often too. I do not think that even in your wildest imagination you can come up with some painful fun that they have not perpetrated on sexy women. Hogtied videos and pictures are definitely a sadist's dream.


This site is absolutely the best I have seen for fine BDSM that does not include blood, fake or otherwise, and therefore I feel that they portray the Real Time BDSM that those in the lifestyle would like.

Score: 90

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Pros & Cons

  • Very good models, some of which just may be masochists, but all are interested one way or another in BDSM
  • Members now get full access to all 30 Kink sites at no extra cost
  • Some of the interviews point out that the model is into at least bondage, and believe me, it shows!
  • Discouned price for our readers
  • Although they are beginning to use new Doms, seeing the same Dom over and over again is a bit repetitive
  • Following the exact same format, namely interview first, then the BDSM gets tedious at times
  • On occasion, especially in the older videos, the quality could be a bit better

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