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English Spankers Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2010-01-05
Last Updated: 2010-01-05

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Does the idea of lovely ladies wearing hose, garter belt and "unmentionables" bent over a chair, or your knees with the "unmentionables" pulled down, their skirt raised and getting a strong spanking turn you on? How about reddened buttocks that are cherry red all caused by your carefully chosen weapon - your hand - strike you are exciting? Is it true that the English are very well known for being aficionados of spanking, just because they invented the tawse? Do you believe that there is a corollary between a lady being spanked which it is said brings blood to her buttocks, and the plumping of her nether lips? If you have said yes, to any of those statements, then this site is definitely quite fit for your needs, for it is all about spanking, and spanking being accomplished by the English.

It stands to reason that the girls are all European girls, and thus their skin is fair and takes so well to spankings. This site has been around since 2003, and this has given them tremendous opportunities to select models for fetish content such as uniforms and role playing. In addition to the models, the site supplies the spankers with all manner, besides their hands, of spanking implements.

Currently there are 185 videos available at English Spankers, and each video lasts approximately 10 minutes. The videos can be downloaded in WMV formats, and there are absolutely no DRM restrictions. They have over 200 models, thus you'll find the perfect one that sets your pants on fire, just as their buttocks have been set on fire!

There are pictures available too, and there are about 200 different galleries with each gallery hosting approximately 90 pictures each. The pictures are not in Hi-res though. There is a model index available, which I find to be a superb idea when the site has so many pictures available. It is truly unfortunate that they do not have any of the picture galleries in Zipped files, thus if there are pictures you love, you'll have to copy them into your own files one at a time.

Basically all updates to both videos and pictures are done twice a week, and with over 200 models, they have but to rotate them to accomplish this. However, there are new models joining them each day! Surprisingly too, there are no accompanying date stamps when they've updated the contents. I also found no scene descriptions, although there is a small thumbnail picture to guide you on each video. The newer videos on the site are in Hi-def, but of course the older ones are not.

It always seems that the words "cane" and the "English" go together, and you will not be surprised then to see some excellent caning taking place, I am sure! You'll love how the welts come forth during a severe caning, and how the girls seem to always beg with "please, Sir!" It's all so very British! But, then it's meant to be, isn't it?

The videos are excellent, as all the pictures are. They stick to the spanking and caning niche so very well. Sometimes they have two girls being spanked or caned together, perhaps for the embarrassment of it all, I suppose. And there are even outdoor strappings, and caning to be seen too. Best yet, I think is the fact that the girls must expose not only their asses, but their feminine parts too. I've found no model information which is a shame as all the models are very compliant when getting their spankings and such, hardly ever daring to bring their hands to their very red bottoms. You may, however click on the model names to see the pictures, which was at least interesting.


In conclusion, if you are a spanking, caning or strap aficionado, I recommend this site highly. The females shown are usually young girls, and they are mostly quite cheeky, though there are quite a few British women shown too, but regardless of age they take their punishments quite well, and keep a stiff upper British to go with their stiff punishment. The videography at times could be better, but all in all it's very well done! It would be much better with scene descriptions, and model information, but that would possibly be gilding the lily, as it's a very good site already.

Score: 85


Content Quality Very Good
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Videos 190+ video clips (about 10 min each)
Pictures 200+ galleries (about 100 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Very exclusive niche content
  • Fantastic videos
  • Great picture sets
  • No scene info available
  • No date stamps
  • No content or model information

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