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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2010-05-25
Last Updated: 2017-08-14

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These are the same people,, who have brought you one of the premier BDSM sites, The Training Of O. The various scenes have been done in the upper floor of that armory San Francisco citadel that they bought for their other sites. The premise is the people involved in the upper floor are in the lifestyle, guided by the concepts of BDSM, thus the slaves shown, both male and female, are indeed the slaves of the Dominants shown, and thus basically anything can be done to them, within reason of course. They do follow the precepts of safe, sane and consensual, thus the slaves are certainly not abused or marked for more than a few days. The humiliation though, that is doled out to the slaves is definitely adjusted to fit each slave.

Those who do not feel that this is consensual should watch the videos. When someone screams out because something is wrong, the offensive punishment stops dead. One scene I watched in particular entailed a girl standing with very strong clamps on her pussy lips. Her hands were tied above her but behind her back, but when the Dominant picked up her leg to tie it off so that she'd be forced to stand on one leg only, she screamed, and he quickly removed the pussy clamps before continuing. He knew that he was surpassing what she could take, and thus took care of the problem.

To those in the lifestyle, the pain that is consensually heaped on the slaves will be exciting, for they are meant to suffer pain because they are masochists. Thus there is an excellent balance played by both participants. This is how it should be, and the scenes are very reminiscent of what is happening at play parties around the world. The scenes were played during live kinky parties, or slave training. What you are watching are the highlights of the sessions.

After re-visiting this site I'm glad to see that it is still growing, with 340 videos and picture sets. videos included and each comes with a picture gallery, a trailer and assorted clips. One complaint is that the maroon on black needs to be highlighted to read it properly, but that is infinitesimal on this otherwise close to perfect site. Scenes run long at an average of around 40 minutes which is always a good thing. You may stream the videos or watch them in sections if you so desire. These are all Hi def. movies, available in either Windows Media, HD MP4, or downloaded into your iPod. You could not ask for better quality.

Each movie is accompanied by a picture set. You'll have a choice between Hi res. and Low res. They are screen caps, but at least they are all Zipped for ease in downloading.

If you are aware of what power exchange is, you will definitely be able to view it here, and that's a guarantee. You'll also see slaves used sexually extremely often and very deliberately, as part of their training. When the parties are held, you will repeatedly see slaves going into subspace, and if they've been disobedient, the entire group may make suggestions for an apt punishment.

Their updates include a new video "set" every week. The site is growing by leaps and bounds.

Membership through us is discounted, and also includes full access to the whole Kink Unlimited network of sites. That means 30 sites with over 11,000 exclusive BDSM scenes.


I am finding it very difficult to be critical enough of a near perfect BDSM site! If you are in the lifestyle, you will find a permanent home here, for you'll know that this is the real thing, with real Dominants and real slaves. You will definitely feel as if you belong to this community of like-minded BDSM people.

Score: 90

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