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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2009-02-16
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It is called Sex and Submission, because that's what it shows, however, it's not just submission and bondage, it's skin bulging tight bondage with elbows that meet, thighs that are spread as wide as humanely possible and punishing tit binding. And when all of that's over their bodies are whipped, flogged and otherwise tortured until they beg for it to stop. Clits are teased, and cunts whipped, slapped, cropped and entered. Energy builds and builds until the Dominant brings out a huge vibrator, and then she begs as she's never begged before to be allowed to come. The reply is a simple no -- and she begs even more -- until he finally relents and then she has an explosively scream-laden come. Muscles contract, then give into the orgasm, then contract again all for his pleasure, not hers. He smiles in satisfaction as she sinks into her bondage and murmurs "thank you, Sir."

Well, jeez, that's just one scene that I've run through for you. The models are downright luscious, and they're fucked with such abandon while held in such stringent bondage.

There's not just ropes used for bondage either because in one scene they use a phenomenal pair of wooden stocks, not with the woman bending forward either, but bending backward, with her neck so tightly held by the wood, her tiny wrists imprisoned unyielding to her wishes to pull them out. She's trapped in a kneeling backbend position and she screams in agony while her large breasts are bitten, whipped and cropped. She's so damn vulnerable. You can actually watch the welts rising all around her breasts as he takes the whip and his hands to bring her to incredible pain. He slaps her breasts so resoundingly that you begin to pant yourself with her screams. His own pants can be heard as he continues to hurt her ample breasts by slapping them from side to side. The nipples grow as if inviting him to slap the breasts more and more.

Then, his fingers enter her throbbing pussy, and she's finger fucked while he continues to hurt her. His fingers are so fast that she's bouncing with each thrust, her breasts moving in unison with his thrusts. He knows she can't take much more of this without coming, thus his voice booms out at her, "Hold it! Hold it!" Somehow she manages to obey, and at last he gives her permission to come! It's amazing how each woman can come differently. Some scream out in pleasure/agony, some whimper, and some others moan intelligently, but regardless how they come, the Dominant exerts his domination over them and let's them come only when he's ready.

The obedient slave gets rewarded, as tons of hot come decorate her body, her tits, and her stomach, as he jacks off onto her welted and well-used body. Some slaves receive a mouthful of come, which they hungrily bring into their mouths with soft wet tongues. They are so appreciative; again and again they express their deepest thanks to receive their Master's come. It's all quite impressive!

There are over 440 videos and picture sets at Sex and Submission and the price is pretty low for a BDSM fetish pay site.


If you want to see slaves being "used" in all kinds of manner, you'll come to this site over and over again, because it's downright mesmerizing. Through us you get in the door at a nicely discounted price. Membership now includes full access to all 30 Kink sites at no extra cost. That makes this the ultimate package for those looking for BDSM and bondage porn from the best in the business.

Score: 90

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Pros & Cons

  • These women come to be used, that's the operative word here. They're fucked in every manner possible
  • Members now get full access to all 30 Kink sites at no extra cost
  • Discount on monthly membership
  • "Rough sex" at its best!
  • The stocks, for example, make so much noise when the slave pulls on them. They'll have to be better anchored
  • If you wish to view this site with your submissive, you'll have to make sure that her own hard limits are not going to be crossed, since there's a lot of action in these videos and pictures
  • Occasionally, the video quality seems to wander

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