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The Female Orgasm Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2012-03-16
Last Updated: 2013-09-19

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Today we are reviewing a site called The Female Orgasm. Its often the province of many females, that men do not know enough about The Female Orgasm, thus perhaps you can view this particular site as homework? Many are totally bewildered by the female genitalia and what it takes to get a woman to cum, thus this may be very helpful. You will note, for example, the many different toys utilized, although many women prefer their fingers as this is how they learned how to cum from childhood, and therefore it has become their favorite now. Other women prefer little tiny penlight type of vibrators that are easily inserted, but can buzz away at their clit when its the right time. Many have opted for the gigantic plugged in vibrators known as a Hitachi for the maker of it. This is the same vibrator that many men refer to as the cement mixing machine of vibrators, as the sound is unmistakable and it does sound much like machinery of some kind.

What will you see here? Well, female orgasms, that much is clear, but you will also see how they achieve climax, and by what means. The videos are very instructional and sexually exciting because they very clearly show all of the female orgasmic contractions that they go through. Often sexual counselors tell women that they will learn through masturbation how to climax if they are having any kind of sexual dysfunction. Teaching males what women like can also be achieved through masturbation, and this site will do that in a very positive manner, besides being damned arousing! Not only will you see a lot of solitary play, but there are a few episodes featuring girl on girl and even a bit of girl doing guy oral is in there too. Look also for daily updates here.

While most guys rate their dates orgasms by what theyve seen in porn and wish to see the shrieking that those actresses usually give us, they may be well surprised how quietly some women orgasm. Some barely whimper at all, and unless that camera was not poised to take such close up pussy shots, you may not have even known shed orgasmed!

With a current tally of over 1090 videos to choose from, this site is definitely filled with orgasmic goodies! The greater majority of the videos here last approximately 7 minutes each, and the formats include WMV, DivX, MP4, and mobile 3GP. All of those are also downloadable, and there is an excellent Flash in browser for streaming these exciting videos. You should know that although they offer some 1280x720 HD content, the older material is lower quality.

In addition to the videos there are hundreds of photo shoots, and each has approximately 55 pictures in each. Yes, they come Zipped for ease of downloading, and there is a truly delightful fact filled model index. The pictures have a lot of spread out poses of course, and often begin with a clothed female, going through the act of removing the clothes, and then finally you get to see the nitty gritty of truly incredible and very explosive cums, many without the accompanying shrieks.


The Female Orgasm is one of the best studies ever made on female orgasms, and if I knew any of the professors who are doing sexual studies, I would definitely steer them this way. Thats how well this site shows female orgasms and the results of same on the female bodies involved. This site was a breath of fresh air, and a pleasure to review.

Score: 80


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Videos 1095+ video clips (about 7 min each)
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  • Amazing exclusive content
  • Streaming and downloadable movies
  • Contains hefty archive with great array of women
  • Some HD content
  • Older content is lower quality

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