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Stop Or Ill Squirt Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2010-01-10
Last Updated: 2013-11-03

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With all the talk about the "G-spot" and the "A-spot" guys are more and more discovering that women are very complicated creatures. Some guys think that when a gal is squirting, that she's peeing on them. That could not be further from the truth, squirting does not really carry any more pee than your semen does when you erupt, and when a lady squirts, she's really paying you a hell of a compliment, because it means that you have turned her on so much that you caused the squirting! You are actually very lucky if you have a "squirter" since those are the sexiest girls, and they accept that they are indeed sexual beings, and are not in any way sexually repressed. Would that all girls squirted, right?

So, this hardcore site is all about those heavily sexed girls, porn stars actually, who can squirt when they cum! Don't you love it when you fuck a girl and you can hear it squish in and out because she's so wet? That's one of the things you'll definitely hear at this site. Part of why you can hear it is because of how turned on she is! She's lubricating all over the place as you ram your cock into her, doing the old in and out!

The girls on this site are all drop dead gorgeous, and I've no idea where they find them, though one or two are from the United Kingdom with those wondrous English accents that really turn me on to hear! One of the other girls has "fuck me" eyes, you know the kind, the kind you simply cannot resist? Then add to that the fact that she squirts, and man, I'm in heaven!

There are over 50 videos for you to peruse at this site, and you will find the site very friendly to use, for you can even download for your iPod here for take along with You Porn. These videos play in Windows Media format, and these girls are as totally sexy as can be! The majority of their videos last about 30 minutes, and all of it is awesome! The chicks range from young teenagers, some with piercings, some with tattoos, some A cups, and even D cups and everywhere in between. Some love to have their toes sucked, others love to be licked spreading their legs for their lovers. There are gorgeous Tahitian types, blondes, brunettes, redheads, big bootied black girls too! They'll even give head performing expert moves for the guys and at times deepthroating them too! These videos will stream instantly for you too, and it's all very high quality.

As for the pictures, which include about 33 picture albums, talk about quality! Their pictures are in Hi-res, so that you can make out everything, including the squirting and most of them have over a 100 pics. They are also Zipped in order to make it easy for you to download.

Looking over the updates in January, there have been daily updates, which is really cool. Not only do you get great videos and pictures but you will also get to access approximately 16 other network Kick Ass Pictures sites that cover a variety of niches, including Chica Boom, Kick Ass Teens, 10 Man Cum Slam, Babes with Glasses, 5 Guy Cream Pie and Milf Does A Boner Good.

Most of the girls who squirt describe it as the ultimate release, and they feel as if they need a guy who knows how to do it, thus they are always ready to fuck a guy who can do it, one who can take them there! It's fascinating to see their eyes roll up in their heads when they cum that way! You'll see! The orgasms just seem to build one on the other too. Some of them love anal too and you'll even see anal to pussy, then they cum in their mouths!


In conclusion, if you've never seen squirting before, this site will fill you in quite well. These are pornstars who have learned to enjoy sex to the point where they will squirt. Some of the videos explain how squirting happens, why it happens, what it tastes like, and how much girls can squirt, so the education you'll get here will pay off someday when you have a girl who gets into sex enough that you make her squirt!

Score: 87

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