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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2014-03-28
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Merely reading the title of this particular site caused a lot of guys to raise their eyebrows, and we were instantly aware of what had crossed their minds. Not strangely, they had hit the nail on the head. Thus, our first reaction was to think, right on, for knowing just from the title of the site what it is going to be about is eminently important. Then too it is always an indication of what one is getting to find out what porn company has created the site. In this instance it is the world renowned Perfect Gonzo. If you research Perfect Gonzo you will find that it has an interesting history. It is a European production studio that specializes in online porn production.

One of its precepts is that no matter what it is one tackles, one must strive for perfection, thus the belief that even gonzo porn productions must also strive for perfection. Hence the choice for a great name for this porn production company was made that will have meaning attached to it for those seeking porn. As interesting as their history is, we were very disappointed to find out that even though it had first come online in 2003, sadly it had halted production in the year 2009 until July 2013. We are once more graced with the fantastic production values they had in the past, and we are hoping that they remain in production for many years to come.

Thus we now come upon Give Me Pink, and Perfect Gonzo has indeed created a near perfect porn site. Part of that near perfection is the fact that all of its videos are always going to be released in as high quality as possible. Given that the highest video capability today is to have videos be available in Hi Definition, referred to as Hi Def, it is important to know that in order for any video to be in Hi Def it must be able to play the video at 1280X720. However that is not yet the highest and best possible Hi Def, for that is when it can play the video at 1980X1020. Thus, Give Me Pink can accomplish that number of course.

Then too, in order for the pictures shown perfectly on a site, they need to be in Hi res. Hi res stands for Hi Resolution, and you can bet that the pictures on Give Me Pink are all Hi Res. Additionally all the pictures are Zipped for ease in downloading. Zipping the pictures enables large numbers of pictures to be transferred to another computer in just a few moments, and later all the pictures can be easily opened.

One final part of the Perfect Gonzo recipe for a perfect porn site is not technical at all, but entails casting the right talent. Thus they have called on such beautiful models such as Aletta Ocean, the beautiful Alexis Brill, or the amazing Ivana Sugar.

With 256 movies at the ready now, they may be streamed if the viewer wishes, but it is in downloading them that the best results will come about, namely 1980X1020. The addition of multiple bandwidths is also part of that goal of perfection.

256 image galleries are now available for downloading. These are Zipped as already mentioned. Those image galleries will hold approximately about 60 5000p pictures, and of course they are all as near perfect as possible.

Perfect Gonzo will now give their bonus sites for joining Give Me Pink. These include Fist Flush, All Internal, Ass Traffic, Cum for Cover, Prime Cups, MILF Thing, Pure POV, Sperm Swap, and also Tamed Teens.


In conclusion if ever a near perfect hardcore porn site existed, this one would definitely be the winner. The girls are all near perfect, and the technical processes are all as close to perfect as they can be. This entails multiple bandwidths, and Hi Def videos, as well as Hi Res pictures. Part of the perfection is that all the content in this site is exclusive. There are absolutely no cocks here at all, the whole site is all pussy, and only pussy. Since simplicity has often been equaled with perfection, you will find that the site is amazingly simple to navigate as well as operate.

Score: 86


Content Quality Excellent
Pricing Fair

Pros & Cons

  • All is of the highest quality including videos and pictures
  • Overfilled bonus sites
  • Handpicked gorgeous models
  • Older videos are not Hi Def
  • Updates were absent for years
  • Downloading can only be accomplished in MP4

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