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Brutal Dildos Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2010-09-05
Last Updated: 2013-08-06

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The words brutal blended with dildos should give you an idea of what this site is about. It is about lovely tiny women whose use huge, gargantuan dildos to stretch out their pussies for your enjoyment! I use the term tiny women, because none of them ever look as if they can take the enormous dildos that they take! Granted the human vagina can stretch, but it would seem as if there's a limit to that, you know? Not so, and you'll be able to see it with your own eyes too! To be honest with you, I must say that it surprises me at what they take. Granted it's a measured progression, but they do it inch by agonizing inch sometimes!

These are not just solo operations either. With some of the videos and pictures you will see lesbian acts that end up with these large dildos shoved up their twats! If ever you've watched some of these dildo shoves, you'll definitely understand the word brutal, because there are times when it's obviously quite a painful ordeal! Some of these brave women even take these dildos up their ass! And before you ask, yes there are double dong double penetration sessions too. Whew!

Their site is very well presented, things are easy to find and thus I would say uncomplicated to navigate, There are approximately 474 videos at the time of this review update to watch involving these huge dildos, you will find quite a few here that will please. Each runs for roughly 24 minutes and they come to you as MPEGs or WMV formats for downloading, or you can stream them with Flash. They are also available as MP4 for your iPod, if you wish to take your porn with you! There are no license restrictions on the site, thus you may download at will. And you can take them as full scenes, or there have been set-ups for those who require multi-bandwidths. The site performs weekly video and picture updates. Some of the scenes could use better write-ups, as these are simply one liners, and there is no model index here. The videos are all of extreme high quality, though you can tell when you get to the older ones that they are not, but all in all they are all very high quality.

As for the pictures, there are about 474 galleries, each containing in the region of 150 pictures. These are Hi res. pictures, and they have been Zipped for ease in downloading them. The pictures are also of very high quality, you will have no problems with these! Rarely there may be some videos without actual pictures, but in that case you will find vidcaps.

Along with Brutal Dildos, you will also get Extreme Kream, Huge Strapon Lesbians, Moms Teaching Teens, Brutal Anal Sex, Anal Dildo Lesbians, Dildo Machine Sex, Gush Busters, Pool MILFs, and finally Sasha Rose, thus you won't be searching for porn for a long time! In addition, you will get 3rd party pictures, videos, a store and bonus videos and galleries.


Brutal Dildos is one interesting site, filled with dongs that you swear won't fit up the anatomy of the females who do accomplish it, somehow! The site is absolutely filled with quality videos as well as high quality pictures with tons of bonus content! Updates come in weekly, so this is not a dying site!

Score: 88


Content Quality Very Good
Pricing Fair


Videos 474+ video clips (about 24 min each)
Pictures 474+ galleries (about 150 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Excellent quality videos
  • Excellent quality pictures
  • Great bonus content
  • Weekly updates
  • Older videos lower in quality as in all sites
  • Very few vid caps
  • No model index

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