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Reviewed by: Tyler on 2015-04-30
Last Updated: 2015-04-30

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You make have heard of some of these famous sites and even seen clips from them: Fake Taxi, Female Agent, Fake Agent, Public Agent, Fake Hospital and Fake Agent UK. They are Europe sites, with Czech and British girls, and others, and they are all reality sites. They take ordinary situations and then turn them into horny hardcore scenes, with amateur girls and guys who often have no idea that they are being shot for a porn film.

The news today is that you can now access all six of these sites under one roof, at the Fake Hub. This is a discounted membership offer that lovers of reality porn won't be able to resist and there is no reason why you should, not at under 18.00 per month. You access one central members' area and from there can go and view the 1,473 + exclusive scenes that make up the six site collection.

Each movie is shown in a streaming screen with a choice of Flash or Mp4, with up to 1,920 x 720 HD quality. There are also downloads for the same and a WMV option if you prefer. The top quality is around 1,280 x 720 4,000 kbps (WMV) and the others are around 2,500 kbps, so are also great quality. These are full scene files, some around 1 GB, but most are manageable sizes even for slower connections; there are no clips or parts to take though.

Scenes are played out naturally; a girl gets in a taxi, the driver chats while they drive and somehow he persuades her into sex. Or a girl goes for a casting and ends up trying out for porn; similarly the female casting agent coerces young bucks into bonking and these lads don't need a second invitation. We have naughty doctors in hospitals too, and lots of fly on the wall filming, plus roving cameras, so it all comes across as a good quality mix of filming styles. The really neat thing though is that it is all so believable and real. Oh, and excellent quality as well.

A new scene is added more or less every day. I say that because someone times there are two new scenes in a day. You can access the entire collection from the main hub page, view sites individually, or even select the random scenes option. If you like, you can check out the 1,000 + models, girls and guys, and find scenes that way; there's not a lot of info about the models, but you find out about them in the chats before the castings, or examinations. You can rate scenes, comment on things and us the 'add to favourites' function, and there's a 'watch later' function as well. There are no galleries here, which is a bit of a shame, and some, discreet, adverts, but I had no trouble with these. The whole thing worked smoothly, streams ran well, the exclusive movies are great quality, there are subtitles (even over some English language scenes) and the whole kit and caboodle came it at a stonkingly wonderful price.


I have seen some of these reality sites before but to find that they've now been grouped together, offered at a discount and then opened up a membership for the whole lot in one go is amazing. If you are a fan of Czech and European girls, British too, or reality porn, or simply a fan of well-made hardcore, then you're going to love this offer. Over 1,400 exclusive, HD scenes to download for under 18.00 per month and an update every day. It doesn't get much better than this.

Score: 90


Content Quality Very Good
Pricing Cheap
Updates Daily
Ads Reasonable


Videos 1473+ video clips (about 20 min each)
Models 1020

Pros & Cons

  • High quality exclusive content
  • Well-made reality porn
  • HD and other resolutions
  • Six sites for a good discount price
  • No galleries
  • Not a lot of model info
  • Some files may be very large for slower connections
  • No search and sort options

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