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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2012-04-24
Last Updated: 2012-04-24

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There were close to 300 models online at the time when I went online, thus I will say that the numbers are very nice. No matter what your thing is, chances are that there is a model online at the time for you. In looking around I found models with pictures of themselves showing some absolutely great bodies, some who were downright obese, and some who definitely were deliciously top heavy. Many had great smiles, and those were the ones I was mainly personally attracted to, but a few were definitely into the dominant side of life and their serious dominant faces and bodies radiated that.

Believe it or not, one of the things that I definitely liked is that it was obvious that the models themselves had filled out their profile, as many of them were written in broken English, as well as having loads of spelling mistakes, but that brought out the human side to the models. So many of these webcam chat locales have cookie cutter profiles, meaning that there are some multiple choices given to the model as to what they will say. This way, if you wish to speak to a model who is quite intelligent and speaks English, you can go by the profile and choose one that fits your requirements. The only thing that I found was not indicative of a careful personal choice was how many of the models described themselves as being ebony when they were obviously very Caucasian!

The site itself has a number of filters you can use to get what you desire. These are broken down into Age, Category, Orientation, Chat Type, Ethnicity, Eye Color, Build, Hair Color, Hair Length, Height, Miscellaneous and finally Language. The language portion was of interest, and clicking on that revealed choices of German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Dutch, thus giving you a good idea of how thorough their filters are!

Next, I explored the choices given for male models. The majorityno, all of the male choices I saw were gay or bisexual. Thus if you are looking to hook up with some male on male chatting, you can even find what you desire here. There are also couples online to chat with too, which is always refreshing. Some of them are bisexual couples, thus giving you a chance to exercise your own bisexual needs if that be the case. Of course there are also a lot of lesbian girls available too!

The other thing that is very well done at this site is that the greater majority of the models have free photo galleries, and even free video galleries too! When you view the pictures, they line up in thumbnails, but then are presented rather well if you click on one. The videos are absolutely fantastic, for if you click on one, most of which are labeled free then a video player comes up and the video downloads and plays for you. With close to 15,000 models to choose from you will be able to see a lot before choosing a particular model to chat with in Private.

You pay for your video chats with chips. The average show will cost about 2.20 chips per minute, and the chip prices for Private shows will range from 1.89 chips to 5.99 all depending on the model. Cost for chips is approximately 20 chips for 20, and so on up to 80 chips for 80, however depending on your initial outlay you will get one free chip as incentive to buy more chips.


In conclusion I found that this particular site was an excellent one given how many of these there are. The delineating factors were how many models were available online, how well the profiles were filled out, and how many free photo galleries and videos were available. In addition you will find an excellent set of filters to apply before spending any chips.

Score: 82


Content Quality Very Good


Models 15000

Pros & Cons

  • By and large good-quality cams
  • Over 290 online models when reviewed
  • Acceptable price-per-minute
  • No free chats were ever available
  • A few models list hard limits
  • There is no session timer available