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Real Orgasms Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2012-03-13
Last Updated: 2019-02-26

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Real Orgasms is no longer available. All the content from Real Orgasms can still be accessed with a Reality Kings membership. Click here to read our Reality Kings review.

Actually many men are fooled by womens orgasms, and lets face it, it is sometimes difficult to discern if she has cum or not. Dont feel badly about it, because other women are just as easily fooled if the one cumming decides to fool them all. Granted, its difficult to fake those inner tremors that occur, but on the other hand some women have great muscle control. The orgasms to be found on Real Orgasms, brought to you by the nice folks at Reality Kings Network, are the real thing though.

What will you see here? Well, basically it is a site filled with beautiful women who are bringing themselves off. Naturally you will see a lot of flying fingers and fingers that are inserted over and over again into quivering wet pussy. You will also hear the sounds that are associated with wet pussy. But the girls do not stop at just their own fingers, when things get going they then reach for the marital aids found next to their bedside. These include plastic dildos, gleaming glass dildos, assorted vibrators, and even a Sybian! Show me a girl that keeps a Sybian by her bedside, and I want to mount her, as shes sure to be interested in a long wild ride!

As unfortunate as it is, the last update to this site was back in 2007, and thus all these lovely horny maidens are stuck in time in their lonely 33 videos that existed back then. You will love perusing these, and most of them last for approximately 25 minutes each. Formats include WMV, and MPEG both of which are also downloadable. Unlike most Reality Kings Networks usual offerings, none of these videos are available in HD for your viewing pleasure! However, one can say that all the videos are definitely hardcore porn showing us everything we want to see and then some.

In addition to the 33 videos are 33 photo shoots, and each has approximately 200 pictures in each. These can be viewed in browser or come Zipped files for ease of downloading. Those pictures will take you from the first time these guys are ever greeting the lady in question, on camera of course, and the gal is still fully dressed but then we get to those pressing needs to cum, and eventually it all ends with some female cum-soaked ending and in between you see these wondrously agile girls get the fruits of their labor!

The bonuses are where its at with this site. Although as a stand alone it is small and does not seem to be growing anytime soon, the good news is that you will have access to the whole Reality Kings network of sites for your discounted membership price. With 37 exclusive quality sites, and daily updates the extras you get will keep you stocked with porn for those cold winter nights.


In conclusion, this was a very happy little site that has languished in the Reality Kings Network vault for too many years. Its a fun site that needs some encouragement to make it through another day, even though it used to be looked up to. Its still a fun place to visit!

Score: 70


Content Quality Very Good
Pricing Cheap
Updates None


Videos 33+ video clips (about 25 min each)
Pictures 33+ galleries (about 200 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Contains some of the finest diddling youll ever see
  • Overly generous amount of companion bonus sites given
  • Discounted price for our readers
  • Model index
  • Daily download limit
  • Site no longer updates

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