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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2009-10-04
Last Updated: 2009-10-04

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The homemade porn clips have been very popular since the Web was born. Prior to that, if you wanted to show off your homemade porn you had to belong to a sex club or in a swinging group, and once they'd seen it; you really could not repeat the showing without being labeled a pest. Thus people who love to share their sexual prowess had nowhere to show it, much to their dismay. All of this has definitely changed, and if you find it interesting to see how others enjoy sex, you'll love viewing Our Home Clips. The site is a humongous one containing over 60 GB of pure homemade sex for you to peruse whenever you wish in whatever category attracts you at the time.

When the review took place there were 12,059 hardcore videos available in 65 different categories! They update daily thus you'll find even more videos as they grow and grow unstopped no matter what's going on! Play time was of course varied, some as short as one minute, others going on for as long as 18+ minutes, but I would say that the average is a good 10 minutes on each. The videos basically fit into approximately 20 different categories covering everything from anal to other. Each movie can be played in streaming mode with a choice of either Flash or Windows Media format. The vids can also be downloaded as you wish, and there are many that are more than worth keeping!

You have to respect that this is a new age we're in. This site even has a special category for movies that have been captured on cell phones!

As for the photo sets, there are so many you'll just love perusing them all! Most people have created photo sets that are well made, and photographically in very good condition. You may find this a bit weird, I know I did, but photo sets are not under the Photos heading. For some reason you have to go to Amateur Photos to see those. The sets number over 45 sets with approximately 50 pictures in each set. Obviously more people send in videos than those who send in photos. None of the photo sets are Zipped for you.

As for what you'll see, the list is practically endless. The highest category of videos falls under the "Couples" category of course, followed by "Blowjobs" specifically.

There are even very many girl-on-girl submissions and tons of cum-in mouth categories too. The one with the least interest seems to be the "Big Dicks" category. Guess there are just not that many guys who have big dicks?

Each video that you'll see definitely has the voyeur aspect to it, with most people not paying the least bit of attention to the camera except for the solo masturbation scenes. Lots of those are apparently made for their boyfriends, or husbands who are not there at the moment. One wonders how many of these were made expressly for our boys in the military? The masturbation ones are interesting too, as I never had any idea that hairbrushes were used in snatches as often as they are. I have since found that many hairbrushes seem to come with bigger and fatter handles lately hmmmmm

Now because all of these are self created, and are shot by amateurs, the range of the videos goes from one end to the other as for the quality, but when looking at amateur videos that's very expected.

Other than the weird location of the pictures, the site is very well arranged, and the design and navigation aids were certainly well done. This allows you to peruse what interests you most at the moment without feeling as if you are lost somewhere.

As for updates, these folks play seriously. They update every single day with multiple additions. The site is that popular, so that should tell you something.


In conclusion, I think that this is one of the better amateur sites. The site is well arranged, the different categories that the material is broken down into is well done and very helpful. Unlike a lot of these sites where all the material lasts less than 2 minutes, this site has received some rather long submissions, and they can be found in the BIG movies section if you are in the mood for the larger ones. Above all the sex if incredibly good, and most people are very imaginative when it comes to the positions and what they do. Although the quality varies, there are some excellent quality videos provided, and the pictures are mostly excellent. If you are curious how the other half does "it" you'll love this site.

Score: 75


Content Quality Average
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Videos 12000+ video clips (about 10 min each)
Pictures 4500+ galleries (about 50 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Numerous daily updates
  • Streaming videos
  • Imaginative categories
  • Photo sets not Zipped
  • Nonexclusive content
  • Movies range in quality

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