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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2009-05-28
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Imagine your utter and complete joy at having your very own porno video store in your own living room! You no longer need to get in the car, and skulk around the shop, finally dipping into that black cordoned off area marked "ADULT VIDEOS - ADULTS ONLY!!!"

Sites, like DVD BOX can not only save you gas, but embarrassment as well, since it never fails the local church lady invariably sees you sneaking into the adult area. Not only that, but having them all here at your fingertips enables you to watch porn when you want to, not when you thought you might, only to find out that the wife has you scheduled for a parent/teacher conference that night!

Soon as you get inside this site, you will see a list of the categories of porn available. Just to give you the idea of the wonderful "Video Store" that you are going to have to choose from, here are their different types of porn to choose from as well as the number of movies in each category: Alt Porn (12), Amateur (68), Anal (4000), Asian (1440), BBW (298), Bi (216), Black (1329), Blowjob (2136), Busty (2457), Classic/Vintage (634), Euro (1088), Fetish (1459), Gangbang (556), Gay (2077), Granny / GILF (159), Hand Job (248), Hardcore (5400), Indian (48), Interracial (2254), Latin (1163), Lesbians (1528), Mature / MILF (1828), Orgy (324), P.O.V (362), Porn Stars (2685), Solo (974), Squirt (409), Teen (2989), Threesome (2550), Tranny (445), Uniform (137), Voyeur (72). That's definitively several more choices than I get out of the local video store!

In the center of the page you will find "Today's DVDs" followed by "Latest DVDs" with handy thumbnails of each of the DVD boxes showing the date of release as well as the name of the video. You only need to click on the Download Movie letters to fetch the movie for you!

Below this area is a "View all DVDs" area . At the very bottom of the page is the following list:

Navigation: Home Browse all DVD's Browse all Scenes Friends of DVDbox User's Settings Support Site Map

Browse DVDs: Hot Picks Upcoming DVDs Studios Series Actors.

As you can imagine navigation has been reduced to the easiest possible, yet it remains completely thorough and is all at your fingertips! All the videos that I watched were pretty good, and the quality was excellent. The choices are well present4ed with different scenes split up. The length of each is told, along with the stars and a very small description of the scene involved.

As you can tell you may browse the videos by a lot of different things, including studios, and actors, which to me certainly puts this site way above what is found at different Video stores! Most accommodating!

There are a tremendous amount of scenes here, over 35,400 of them in fact! The majority of the movies will play from 15 minutes to a half an hour, in sections. The movies are full length, and there is no DRM protection to the site. There is also no download limit. There are no pic sets at all, although the box picture off of the Video Box is always shown, as are a few vid caps to show you what's in each scene. Of course, the majority of the content is not exclusive, as these movies have mostly been around for a number of years. Unless, though you have always watched porn out from the stores, chances are you will not have seen the majority of these.


All in all DVD Box is a great source of adult videos, the choices certainly flow easily from the categories, and the categories are well chosen. The video quality is great, and you will find plenty that play at full high definition 1920x1080, and since there is no DRM, nor a download limit, you should easily be able to add loads of hot content to your video library.

Score: 91


Content Quality Very Good
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Videos 35480+ video clips (about 15 min each)

Pros & Cons

  • Unlimited downloads
  • No DRM
  • Good quality videos
  • Updates are regularly done
  • No pictures other than vidcaps
  • No Hi-res pics

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