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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2013-04-15
Last Updated: 2013-05-20

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You may not be aware of it unless you currently watch it from your cable company, but Playboy is now on TV. For those of us who do not have it coming off cable, is now available on your computer. That means that all those highly sexed shows that are on Playboy can now not only be played on your computer, but you can replay what turns you on the most at will, and that's a fantastic privilege to have!

Porn brought to you by Playboy and some of the most glamorous women on this planet will be yours. The various shows that you will see include such greats as The Playboy Radio Show, Night Calls, Swing, School of Sex, Dropout Delinquents, Quickies, Camp Playboy, The Stash, Naughty Amateur Home Videos, Bad Ass, and of course The Playboy Morning Show. Imagine too, their model specials, such as Playboy Girls of , No Boy Allowed, and the ever delightful Playboy's Coeds!

You won't just see inane posing either, for they have some shows that are completely softcore, and there's also some really wild hardcore amateur sex showings too! Not only do you get all of those, and more, of their original TV shows, but you will also be privy to some of their great movies, and take it from reviewers like us, there's nothing like Playboy to make sexy movies. On the other hand, Playboy is also fantastic at making anyone laugh, so that some of the comedies they present are truly cool.

With a collection of scenes that run over 1,536 video available to you, you will be sure to find exactly what you are looking for, and then some! And then there's the live streaming of some of their out of country shows that are absolutely titillating. There are babes galore, lesbians, small tits as well as humongous titties, solo play and threesomes, and yes, there's even group sex being shown. Want to see foursomes, as well? They definitely have those too.

Interestingly, because everything streams quickly and easily, and there is no downloading available, one cannot give you any information regarding bit rates. The streaming however streams at 768x432. Also none of the streaming appears to be brought to you in Hi Def (HD) as they claim, although the quality is certainly up there! Now, granted too, that all content is completely exclusive.

As most other quality sites, they update very frequently. That means that there is something brand new for you to see, on an almost daily basis.

Further you will be interested to know that there are really no pictures available here either. As amazing as that sounds, you will have to just look at the one solitary still (a vid cap) presented to you from whatever show or video you are going to choose from.

One of the things that really appealed to us with regard to was their reality shows. Granted the babes involved in those were incredibly sharp and extremely sexy looking, but we are also referring to the awesome production quality utilized, as well as the fantastic writing. You are really in for a surprise with those when you join.


In conclusion, this site is totally unique, thus do not expect it to be run like any other porn site, since it a compilation of their various TV shows that were recorded off the Playboy TV channel. If you receive the Playboy TV channel at home, chances are you may have already seen much of this, but on the off chance there's something you missed, you may find it here. Keep in mind too that there are no pictures, and no downloading is available whatsoever.

Score: 94


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Videos 1505+ video clips (about 28 min each)

Pros & Cons

  • The models can only be described as downright sumptuous.
  • There is absolutely nothing like Playboy for sensuous sex.
  • If sexy entertainment is your goal, this will absolutely satisfy.
  • Great price for our readers.
  • Unconditionally no downloading of anything is available.
  • There are no pictures offered.
  • Although excellent in quality, the videos are not HD.

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