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Reviewed by: Tyler on 2016-11-14
Last Updated: 2016-11-14

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We have an incredible site here for you, and it's there for a good price. It's a mix of exclusive and non-exclusive content and covers just about every kind of genre you can think of. You are looking at probably one of the biggest hardcore collections on the net, with everything from uncensored Japanese imports, to full DVDs, from exclusive Bang! scenes to daily updates. And what's it called? Bang! Pure and simple, as that is definitely what it gives you.

Talk about getting a big bang for your buck; you've got over 104,000 scenes here with thousands of them being exclusive Bang! Productions from their 'Bang! Japan' (the Japanese imports) and 'Bang! Casting,' and then 'Bang! Real Teens' for some horny 18+ girls and guys in even more hardcore. There are 61 categories in the cats list and there are many ways to filter out the content as well. For such a huge site (and I don'; think I've seen a bigger one) you get some very easy navigation, with lots of filters and search functions, making it one of the largest and yet easiest to search sites out there.

The site is well set up for viewing choices as well. The quality is great, just about all of these movies are chosen for their production quality, the exclusives are beyond reproach and you have something like 18,000 + scenes that are in full HD. I found up to five viewing options for scenes with 1,920 x 1,080 at the top of the resolution list, then 720p versions and mid-range ones down to 360p for mobiles and other devices. These were all Mp4 files, some were quite large as they are also full scene files and scene are 20 to 30 minutes on average, and you can download the lot. You're going to need a lot of hard drive space to store that amount though, so you can also stream.

The site has a nifty function where it detects the best stream speed for you, so there were no stream options, simply click and it play. And for me the streams played smoothly and without any buffer, full screen was good and you can jump through the movies if you want.

If there were any issues with the site, then they are few. It would be good to have more info about the scenes and the models. There is some, but descriptions and a few notes on what takes place would be good to see. I do appreciate that's asking a lot when you have over 104,000 scenes to check out and over 15,500 female or stars and several thousand guys as well. You can also filter the model list and give each girl or guy a rate. You can also rate content.

You need to double check the sign-up deals. The monthly option is perfect for such a huge site and the longer-term options are even better value. There is a trial period but it may recur at a higher rate. You can see, on the free tour, exactly what you get when you sign up, so there's no need for a trial run, really. Not if you are sure you want a mass of varied hardcore in great quality resolutions and with daily updates.


Bang! will knock you off your ass with, well, with a bang. It's a huge site with a good mix of exclusive scenes, and non-exclusives ones and you can download the lot. I had trouble keeping up with updates as they were being added even as I was in the site. The quality is good, there are 1080p HD videos, full DVDs, a great mix of genres and more porn that I've seen on any other site. Perfect value or what?

Score: 93


Content Quality Very Good
Pricing Cheap
Updates Daily
Ads Reasonable


Videos 104000+ video clips (about 20 min each)
Models 1550

Pros & Cons

  • Masses of content and updates
  • Exclusive scenes
  • HD movies
  • Downloadable
  • More information would be good
  • No galleries
  • Not all exclusive
  • No comments facility

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