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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2012-03-16
Last Updated: 2013-09-19

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To understand this site, it is important to know who Emma is. First of all Emma is very much of a bisexual, who not only loves to play with herself, but other women as well as men. She certainly has the tail on the tiger of sexual life, doesnt she? Emma herself claims to be "a cute, bubbly, fun loving and extremely sexual being" and I must confess that she is all that and much more! Now, although Emma is bisexual, as pointed out, the site concentrates more on her lesbian and self-explorations, with some manual assist from a friendly cameraman, but you will never see penile penetration here. As you watch the videos here and pore over the pictures, you cannot resist feeling as if they were all having a tremendous amount of fun, and most of this seems to stem from Emma herself.

What will you see here? As pointed out a terrific amount of lesbian contact, but its how its done that is the magic behind this site. There is a huge amount of exploration being shown with fingers, lips, and of course tongues. But it does not stop there, for there are also tons of toys such as dildos and vibrators being used for the best orgasms youve seen in a long time. It is never debatable if a woman on this site has faked an orgasm; they are all terrifically bona fide. Many have said to be thoroughly mesmerized by Emmas delightfully slim body, small breasts, exceedingly curvy ass, but most of all her very liberal sexual appetite that shows up in each scene, regardless of the activity.

Onto the site itself -- they have the strangest way of rotating their movies and pictures here. For example movies are up for only 30 days and photos for the same amount of time, thus you are warned to see them when you can and not let them expire on you, thus this makes for a pitifully small site. We can well see trying to save money on bandwidth, but this arrangement is rather vexing. Thus while I may want to point out something today in my review, whatever that was may not even be capable of being found tomorrow, so no specific references to movies nor pictures will be made.

On the day of my review there were 32 videos to be seen. The amount may vary depending on the rotation schedule. These videos play for an average of about 10 minutes. The formats here are WMV as well as MP4, and you may download in either format. You may also stream the movies, as there is an excellent Flash available. There are both vid caps as well as actual pictures available.

On this day there were 6 picture galleries available. These are all Hi res. pictures, and it definitely shows. Each gallery contained an average of about 65 pictures. There are small and larger pictures available, and thankfully all the pictures have been Zipped for ease in downloading.


Only Emma is an interesting amateur site. Although at first glance it appears that there are timely entries being made regarding updates, be sure and understand the way that the site is rotated thus making for a very small site. For those who are into lesbian contact that is completely credible, this is a good site for you.

Score: 62


Content Quality Good
Pricing Cheap
Updates Regular


Videos 32+ video clips (about 10 min each)
Pictures 10+ galleries (about 65 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Well-shot videos
  • Realistic sexual activities
  • Hi res. photos can be viewed as slideshow
  • Purposefully small site
  • No model index
  • Seem to be rotating content
  • No new content

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