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Nasty Raw Sex Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2009-06-14
Last Updated: 2013-09-17

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Oh, is this ever a title that truly fits the site! It is being brought to you by The Hardcore Network, who else? This site is self-proclaimed 100 filthy, and I agree, it's a repository of every nasty sexual act you can think of! Whether you are looking for fantastic depictions of blowjobs, facials, handjobs, hardcore fucking, anal fucking, lesbian sex, three-ways or just plain old fucking, it's all going to be in there with the sexiest sluts they could find.

Currently the site boasts 84 Videos and 5,047 Pictures in "Nasty Raw Sex," and they add to that all the time! The videos are absolutely incredible! Watched one in particular that had this guy in it that was literally built like a horse. He was paired with a tiny little blonde who I thought would surely be split into two by this 13" long cock! I have seen a lot of porn, but never yet seen anything to beat this guy's prodigious size! She tried to give him a blowjob, and he was loving it, but her petite mouth around this huge cock, just was not cutting it. She then got fucked. At first, it was definitely hurting her, but amid the "ow" sounds were some "OMG's" that let us know that she was finally stretched enough to begin to enjoy this fucking. He never managed to get in all the way to really be able to let loose, you know up to his balls, but believe me she got pounded, that's for sure!

The videos are all high quality, and they play for an average length of about 18 minutes, however they are downloadable as full-length videos, however there is no streaming. You are given a choice though as to what kind of play you desire. Best quality, good quality or fast download. Not all material is exclusive; there is some sharing to be done among some of the sites.

As to their pictures, they are not Hi-res but excellent quality instead. There are about 90 pics per set, on average. With no download limits, and no DRM protection, you can download all the pics you desire for your own collection.

The Hardcore Network currently has 2,395 videos and 104,102 pictures totaling 703.66 GB of high-quality searchable porn. When you join "Nasty Raw Sex" you'll also be able to get into each and every one of their sites with such names as "Only The Biggest", "Pornstar Solos", "Swirlie Girls", "Porn Star IQ", "Chicks Fucking Chicks", "Stop The Camera" and more. One thing for sure, you'll never want for good porn again, because they are forever adding to their network! It's a very imaginative network, as you'll find out.


I've seen so many amateur fuck and sucking sites lately, that it was quite nice to return to seeing porn pros who have been hired to do it "right" on camera, though I'll confess that seeing pros performing is always somewhat more exciting just because they do understand things like camera angles and therefore you are not left staring at a bouncing foot while the lady moans and screams like a banshee as she's being fucked! Well, I suppose if you're into feet that scene would not bother you a much as me. Definitely feel though, that this site has an awful lot of very hot material that's done correctly and thus is very hot. The women are all very beautiful, again unlike many of the amateurs, but must confess that at least they know what's sexy and what's not. You should enjoy this site thoroughly in its entirety and after you finish this one you'll be able to tackle all those other sites that Hardcore Network gives you.

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  • Excellent video quality
  • Excellent pic. quality
  • Content galore
  • Bonus sites to choke a horse
  • Some non-exclusive content
  • No streaming available