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Pornstar Solos Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2009-06-06
Last Updated: 2013-09-17

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Pornstar Solos is brought to you by the wonderful people known as The Hardcore Network, who have given you so many amazing porn sites before and have done it yet again! Their business goal is "porn you can count on!" Therefore, they have brought you this excellent site. They bring forth that same enthusiasm with all their sites they currently have at their disposal and so will you, for they have 2,388 videos and 10,3987 pictures totaling 701.99 GB of high-quality searchable porn to bring you. Pornstar Solos is slightly different than most of their sites, as this features some of the most amazingly beautiful pornstars actually showing you how they masturbate! Each seems to have their own style, and you'll love seeing how they differ.

The point is that although you do not hear about it often, I truly believe that women self-pleasure just about as often as the males do, but in different ways, and using a lot of different implements, including their own digits of course. I've frequently heard from different women that they masturbate with pillows squeezed between their hot thighs, or the water flow from the hand-held shower, or even from vibrators that they can move around as needed. No matter the style, it's always such a Private thing, yet these women have consented to show it all to you!

The site encourages you to download their movies in one of three ways, or "quality" as they word it. The Widows Media format is truly amazing and I loved watching them as "high quality." The videos, numbering 104 as of this review, unfortunately may not be streamed, but they are all full-length at least, so you do not have to battle with "parts" or whatever other sites want to call them. This site also has exclusive content!

The pictures, all 11,321 of them on this site, are truly marvelous and will definitely allow you to concentrate on the nuances of each star and how she likes "to do it." Just like any woman you may know intimately, you will be awed by the manner in which they reach orgasm, and you will just love the close ups that you will see of their faces as the pleasure peak is reached.

With the movies, on the other hand, you will get to see the pleasure build and build, until there is a final movement that is taking her over the edge, and you'll actually be able to see the frenetic movements as waves of pleasure overtake the lady. The undulations of their bodies as wave after wave of intense pleasure makes them tighten and loosen their muscles are simply awe-inspiring! Nothing, but nothing compares to watching a woman make herself cum! Then, oh, then, if she squirts, wow!

Yes, on some of these movies you have squirters, who in the throes of sexual cumming just inundate the whole set! That always astonishes me, how some women are squirters like that.

Along with "Pornstar Solos" you'll also get the following bonus sites: "Swirlie Girls," "I Love You Celeste," "I Love You Madison," "Attack My Ass," "I Love You Melanie,"" I Love you MYA," "Pornstar Iq," "Afrihoes," "Chicks Fucking Chicks," "Chopstick Sluts," "Cum is Good, ""Fuck My Flab,""Golden Hardcore," "Her Last Fuck," "Porn Prep," "Stop The Camera" and "Ass Smoothie." Of course each of these is also some of the best porn available on the Net!


I do believe that you will enjoy some of the world's most beautiful porn stars baring themselves in more ways than just physically for a change, and you'll love to view how they "play with themselves" and finally explode in such awesome cums! The diversity of toys alone makes this site worth watching. This is no ordinary site, just remember that they are porn stars. It's amazing that so many would agree to do this very personal thing on camera for your pleasure.

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