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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2014-06-17
Last Updated: 2016-12-15

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The site is from the twisted mind of Porno Dan, or so it says when you log into the site. Actually the site is more or less a "show" site! It is in effect a live show site that has a tremendous amount of interactive webcam broadcasts. It is not amateurish at all as some reviewers expected. On the other hand since this site has been made a part of the My Xxx Pass Network, it is certainly not expected to be amateurish at all.

Their broadcasts usually take part in presenting a portion of a series. Best example of that is perhaps one they named New Girl in Town, and currently the Cock Sucking Challenge Squirtmania. Just by the names of their series, one gets a very good idea of what their broadcasts are going to entail, which I always thought was a good idea rather than trying to be coy and hide the basis of the series. What happens here actually is that one gets a bonus site within a bonus site. Also, there are bonus sites included as well, so no matter what, it is the viewer who makes out like a bandit!

Getting to the shows, you will find that each is quite long, and in fact they run for about 80 to up to 120 minutes. Each week there are at least a handful of these, thus there will be hours and hours of entertainment waiting for you. Now, some days there are more than one being presented. Thankfully the shows are set up on a rotation basis.

What will you see during one of these shows? Of course, the material is going to be different each time, however you can be assured of seeing hardcore material, a whole lot of guy/girl stuff including blowjobs and of course banging, but there will occasionally be a lot of solo stuff, girl/girl stuff, and then sporadically all out orgies.

These are all created right inside a studio, and there is a host, of course, and that's Porno Dan mentioned above. There is a set, there is chat, and the production goes on from there. The fact that they utilize professional porn actresses most of the time means that you will be watching some of the better porn artists around, although at times they do introduce some brand new non-pro ladies, and thus this is how they get their break into the porn business. Each of the live shows will be archived, and thus this is what makes up the site, as you can go back to all of these episodes via these amazing HD archives.

Those who love live action, will definitely have their hands full here. Over and over again one can feel the electricity engendered by all the participants, as they play off of each other.

At the present currently there are 572 videos, and considering that they run for about 55 minutes apiece, you can tell that you will not be looking for material here. One may stream the movies using the in browser for nice large 1920x1080 movies. Or one may utilize their WMV and download the movies for 5000k+, resulting in 1920x1080 movies, or finally there is also an MP4 format which downloads 5000k+, for 1920x1080 results.

There are about 457 image galleries with an average of about 32 pictures each. These files are all Zipped for ease in downloading them.

There are many good points here, not the least of which is the fact that they have bothered to have details posted on the downloadable recorded shows which include written descriptions, show date info, and in addition there are video file sizes/specs. With over 300 models, you will always find what you wish.


In conclusion there are so many different ways in which to further enjoy this site that it will be difficult to imagine for the majority of you. Technically it is a great site, and we were surprised at the high quality technical replay it came in on. There are many formats available here, which surprised us, but since they are there do take advantage of them. The very fact that this site is raw, and actually is totally unedited HD porn, leads us to believe that they will have to work harder to be as pleasing as possibly, however those who are to face the camera do have a job to do but it is always great to watch.

Score: 89


Content Quality Very Good
Pricing Cheap
Updates Regular


Videos 572+ video clips (about 55 min each)
Pictures 457+ galleries (about 32 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Fine details are posted.
  • Detailed schedule
  • HD quality videos with great options
  • Older videos are not in HD quality
  • Live feeds do not make for great quality videos

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