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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2009-10-04
Last Updated: 2009-10-04

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First it's important to let you know what the title of the site is all about. You see, HQ stands for High Quality. That usually does not fit in the equation of homemade porn at all, but I was very pleasantly surprised by the overall quality I encountered on this site. It is of course hardcore porn, and it is all definitely amateur porn, but other than that it does rival a few badly produced professional videos that we often pay very highly for! This is the best of the best of amateur porn!

It is of course a melange of both hardcore and soft-core porn, but it is done so well, I must confess to being very impressed. They have taken everything in their collection and divided it up as hardcore or soft-core porn, which made it easier to make selections.

The majority of the movies seem to last about 18 minutes and unlike many of these homemade porn sites, it's very rare to find one in the 2-3 minute range, which was very refreshing. I found 94 hardcore clips and 94 soft core ones too, for a total of 188 clips.

Found 28 photo sets in soft core, and 50 hardcore photo sets. Many had as high as a 100 or so pictures in each set, with one gargantuan one that had 328 pictures in it! Average though is about 50 pictures in each set.

You will see tons of blowjobs, often mixed with the ones that contain couples fucking. There is also a lot of anal, and facials. Women who love vibrators are high on the list, but then they play with all kinds of toys actually! I did find one solitary bondage couple; she was exceedingly pretty and was tied to both a bed and the dining room table. Very cool!

On rare occasions you'll find a few larger models, especially when photographed or videographed from their backside, but a lot of people like that in a female. There are, of course some delightfully large tits, as well as some very small titted women. I would say that the majority of the women featured in these homemade porn sequences average about 19 years old, but there are a few older ladies too.

Some of the amateur videos come from other countries, always noticeable by the fact that they have titles in their native language. That certainly makes viewing more interesting in general. It's nice to see too that the use of condoms certainly does not seem to diminish anyone's pleasure. The screams of both the women and occasionally the men certainly bear that out.

Even though I keep harping on the high quality of both videos as well as pictures, do not think that this in any way does not allow them to retain the amateur quality that should be in a site like this. Quite the reverse is true; I often wondered though how such great quality came from those who are in the amateur section, though.

Must say too that this is about the best POV I've ever had the pleasure to watch! Those who filmed these kinds of videos need to be highly congratulated for not only the great sexual parts they played, but caring enough about the viewer to make sure the camera angle was properly placed, and the lighting was adequate for us to be able to see a clear video. The same can be said about those who took such wonderful pictures.


In conclusion, if you would truly enjoy a pleasant real amateur site featuring a very good archive of authentic homemade amateur porn, this is a site you need to look into. The quality seems to be quite a smidgen superior than your average user-submitted sites are. They definitely live up to their "HQ" in the name of the site. More importantly, they update daily with both new pictures as well as videos. Throughout, they have some amateur cuties in the site that you will genuinely love to see naked, sucking, fucking, and even getting facialed. Thus if you enjoy seeing real-life couples and real amateur babes, as opposed to pro pornsluts, you definitely should check out HQ HOMECLIPS!

Score: 77


Content Quality Very Good
Pricing Fair


Videos 190+ video clips (about 20 min each)
Pictures 80+ galleries (about 50 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Daily video and picture updates
  • Good quality videos
  • Many Hi-res pictures
  • Bonus content is nonexistent
  • Photo sets do not come Zipped
  • Due to being user submitted, nonexclusive content

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