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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2014-01-05
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Jim Slip is apparently one very lucky guy. He gets ordered to fuck birds. Well first we must understand what is meant by birds. You see Jim Slip is British, and birds there are chicks here. Granted they both refer to aviary terms, but actually Jim Slip is one perfect English gentleman. One expects him to bow slightly and introduce himself saying "Good day to you. I am Jim Slip from England, Great Britain, or the United Kingdom. Please feel free to use any of those to describe my home. I am a dirty Old Man as you from the States refer to us. "

In actuality Jim Slip and his wife Lara, of Lara's Playground, are probably the world's best known kinksters/cum wife swappers. It is difficult to actually describe exactly what they are, for the relationship is as unique as their lifestyle, yet one can easily say that they have an open marriage. At first one could think that Lara is the dominant one who orders Jim to lay all these girls, but on the other hand Jim certainly has a mind of his own. In fact even though it is basically a relatively new word, kinkster seems to fit the parameters rather well. Yes, at first he appears to be very stodgy what with his glasses, suits, ties and proper English ways, but when the clothes come off he's quite the stallion!

The wife Lara frequently helps him to find new conquests and in fact she is the master videographer of this site and thus the sex. The marriage seems to have each holding the other's hand at all times, and thus this open marriage works fantastically well. We loved the fact that he is being commanded to lay this bird and lay that bird all over the place, yet it is much like telling a sugar addict to eat that cake and eat that pie. Ludicrous yet charming at the same time! All we can say is that if you figure it all out be sure and pass along the secret as the guys would love to have that recipe for their own marriages.

The site currently contains over 516 sizzling hot videos and each plays for about 20 minutes each. One can stream the movies with the in browser Silverlight. This allows you to see the films in size 920X516. If you prefer you can also download the movies in WMV, at 2000k, which will render sizes of 720x576. Yet another format exists, that of WMV at 5000k+, which brings forth sizes of 1280x720. The movies are definitely all exclusive, and guaranteed that they will not be seen elsewhere ever. Yes the newer entries are in Hi Def which is something everyone has been searching for. If that makes a difference to you, be aware that the movies are appropriately listed prior to you downloading them.

Their 516 videos are accompanied by 516 photo shoots. Each of those contains approximately 120 pictures. The pictures are often in great quality, are hi res and come in large pleasing 2000x1300 sized pixels. The older pictures are also truly great but they on the other hand come in smaller sizes. Not all the pictures come in Zipped files, but the greater majority do.

It is not as if we need a bonus site to be enticed by this site, but there are in fact two different ones coming to us in addition to the Jim Slip site. Thus you will be accorded Teen Live Sex, and also Lara's Playground.


In conclusion this site is a pure delight with the one elderly and very proper older gentleman leading us through the Great Britain streets and other European sites in order to find delightful teen morsels with which to have a sexual good time with. The entire thing is being filmed by his wife in a completely twisted kinkster kind of dominant/submissive sex play that will blow your mind. The young ladies he chooses are frequently of the "street slut" variety. The chicks are basically good looking and quite young and very adept at pleasing him. The site is quite full of assorted videos that have been made of these encounters and also includes pictures that start with the happenstance and show off the denouement of the entire meeting.

Score: 89


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  • Exclusive hardcore meetings with Jim Slip and hot chicks
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  • Newer videos are in Hi Def
  • Older shoots are clips only
  • Not all videos can be streamed
  • Not all photos are Zipped

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