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BFFs Review

Reviewed by: Tyler on 2015-04-02
Last Updated: 2015-04-02

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Small but perfectly formed; that's what you could say about the girls at BFFs (Best Friends Forever). This site is all about 18 and 19 year old teens who are besties, they hang around together, they do everything together and that includes oodles of hardcore sex. The site is small, but exclusive, it doesn't update very frequently but it is good quality and the movies have a good runtime; it's original but there's not a lot on it, and it's at a discounted price though it carries adverts for loads of other up-sells. So, taking the rough with the smooth, here's what you find:

When I was visiting there were 23 exclusive scenes. A new one gets added once or twice per month and the site had been online for just over a year. So, not the speediest update schedule, but the videos do run for good lengths of time, about twice as long as the average scene. So, you could argue that you get 80 minutes per month which is the same as you'd get at a site that updated every week with a 20 minute episode.

Scenes are HD and good quality. They come across as natural and good fun and there is playful atmosphere to them. The girls are petite and girlie, and silly, kind of just out of high school and still in girl-group mode. They find hunky guys to tease and fuck, they sometimes fuck with each other, they play out scenarios nicely and the whole thing is very believable and comes across as Reality style. You will see all the movies on the one home page when you log in, so finding your content is very simple.

You can stream the scenes in one resolution and it's a biggie so will favour faster connections. You can also download in 1080p, plus three other Mp4 formats that are mid-range down to Low. There is one mid/good range WMV full scene file to take as well. Some of these files may be big and slow if you're not on a fast connection, but the results are worth waiting for.

Each scene comes with a gallery of digital still at good sizes, plus screen caps at 800 x 455. Both sets can be viewed online in a simple player and taken as zip files. I couldn't save individual digital shots, though I could with the screen caps. The quality of the images is fine, even the caps, and the digital galleries give you some nicely posed shots from the girls so you can collect them solo and in their action scenes. But you won't find out much about them apart from what they give away in the videos. There is no model index here and although there are some scene descriptions there is very little info about anything.

What there is a lot of, and this was my biggest bug-bear, were adverts to other sites. You can rate content and comment on it then add it to a favourites area, but that Favourites link is the only thing in your menu apart from Home and Help. Everything else, all the links and the images of hot chicks you see around the pages, are to do with selling you more signups to other sites. Shame, as the rest of BFFs is totally enjoyable.


Wade your way through the adverts and up-sells and you find 23 long, hot, exclusive and HD scene with a nice array of squeaky, sexy, silly, petite, horny and raunchy young things in hot action movies. The films are great, the images are good, the girls and their antics are hot and the scenes are played out well with good atmosphere. The design needs a re-work, and more updates would be great, but otherwise: some hot teen group sex that you'll only find here.

Score: 70


Content Quality Good
Pricing Fair
Updates Rare
Ads Annoying


Videos 23+ video clips (about 40 min each)
Pictures 23+ galleries (about 160 pics each)
Models 30

Pros & Cons

  • Exclusive 18+ teen movies
  • Good quality content
  • Easy to access
  • HD and good length scenes
  • Far too many adverts
  • Slow update schedule
  • Large files and no parts to take
  • Can't save solo images online