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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2013-05-02
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This combination hard/softcore site is being brought to you by the nice folks at Diesel Media! Advertised as having HD erotic videos up to 1920x1080, with images up to 4000 pixels in multiple resolution containing Zipped downloads, we really think that reviewing this site is going to be loads of fun. We especially love that the site ranks itself as being the "future of porn" and can take that in a multitude of ways. First of all of course, is the technical way, and that makes sense because their videos as well as their pictures are very futuristic in the technical manner, but also it could be taken that because they seem to specialize in those lovely young ladies who are just barely 18 Years Old, those doing porn at such a young age are probably the future of porn! Granted a few of the girls just might be as old as 24, but that's rare in Wow Girls.

Now as far as what you will see here in this site, they pretty much have just about everything you could want. For instance they have sexy erotic young ladies who are doing the "solo" thing with lovely feminine lingerie and toys. Then there are the lesbian scenes, and those generally are also very erotic as the girls kiss each other, finger each other as well, and of course perform orally and at times use strapons. When the girls get together with guys, then all bets seem to be off, as they perform regular fucking and sucking, but also some squirting, threesomes, anal, facials and even some amazing fisting and watersports too!

The site currently has an incredible 640 phenomenal 20 minute videos. Now just imagine what videos can look like if they are 10,000k and are 1920 x 1080 in size? Well, that's what you are going to see here! Formats are H.264, WMV and there is a terrific in browser streaming Flash that you will positively love and it has four distinct quality settings. These are multi-bandwidth full scenes, of course, and the entire site is supposedly exclusive. We were also impressed with the fact that members may rate the scenes if they prefer.

There are currently 401 albums, and the majority of the albums contain approximately 70 pictures in each. Now these pictures are beyond beautiful, they were not kidding when they said that their images went up to 4000 pixels, and we have definitely seen some with our own eyes. So, not just Wow Girls here, but Wow for the pictures as the photography is exceptional and very professional with good lighting too, bringing bright colors to each photo! Of course they are all Zipped and you will have a choice of downloads in 4 different image sizes too.

Because the scenes are all dated we can tell that they have been excellent about providing updates frequently. In fact they perform updates at least daily and once in a while there are even two. However, in general they do a video one day and then in the next two days you will get a horde of pictures. At the moment the site has 81 delightful models, ranging from very thin without hardly any breasts to fuller figured women with amazingly large breasts. Their model index is so very well done, that many visitors cannot just go through them and not leave some comments.


In conclusion, we wonder if perhaps the title of this site ought to be "perfect girls" instead of Wow Girls, because the number of perfect ones are absolutely phenomenal. The photography and videography is some of the best around, and if you are a person who feels that porn sites generally do not take advantage of our technology, you will love this one!

Score: 94


Pricing Cheap


Pictures 401+ galleries (about 70 pics each)
Models 81

Pros & Cons

  • Truly incredible models
  • Technologically advanced videos
  • Zipped phenomenal pictures
  • Fabulous model index but model index requires more information
  • Not all content may be exclusive

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