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Sapphic Erotica Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2013-10-20
Last Updated: 2013-10-20

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When going to the site called Sapphic Erotica the first thing one is aware of other than seeing some incredibly hot pictures of lesbians kissing and licking each other's pussies is what they say about themselves. They boast 945 models, 1504 scenes, and 1938 photosets. Since we just got there ourselves, we will have to find out if their boast is true or not. Thus we went into investigation mode specifically for this.

Then a bit further we ran into additional boasting saying that the site had 231K photos, over 545 hours of video, over 945 models and even more importantly, the fact that they do daily updates. Now we were diligently beginning to dig. And at this time still a bit further we hit on the latest comment that this site had the following member benefits, to wit: access to as much as 10 years of archived media, having easy search functionality, no DRM so that the viewer may download or watch online, have downloadable Zipped files, have download manager support, and even chat with some of the girls. Further they promised that everything would contain HD quality.

That is when they also promised that one could download movies with the following options such as for a smartphone 640X360, for a PSP 480X272, for iPhone, PSVita and PC 854X480, and for iPad, Tablet, and PC 1280X720. Must say that not only were we in investigative mode at this point, but we did feel rather perplexed. How could one site possibly promise and deliver all of that?

Even so, later there is a note that is purportedly from the webmaster of the site, and he is actually the photographer and videomaster too! He claims that what he loves about the site are the beautiful girls who are kissing each other and best yet actually having sex with each other. He mentions how much he likes to see them finger and lick each other's pussies, actually even more than when they are using toys on each other. However he muses that he does like toys, providing that is not all that they do to each other.

Next he opines how he feels about strapons, and the good news is that he does like seeing girls using strapons. Again he reiterates how much he loves to see girls kissing each other on the mouth, the same way that lovers do so. He then waxes nostalgic stating that he just loves lesbian ass- fingering and anilingus too. Once you have visited this fabulous site you will understand how important his musings are for it totally reflects in his amazing work.

This site is a hardcore/softcore site that has won the admiration of all those who love lesbian sites! With the current 1504 scenes that last about 20 minutes and all the pictures that can be downloaded so easily because they are Zipped, you are guaranteed having a great time! Oh, and by the way, all investigation unearthed that they were telling the truth! In addition not only were they telling the truth, but they never once exaggerated either!


The conclusion of this review could not be better. After all Sapphic Erotica has an outstanding collection of hardcore lesbian action that features some of the hottest girls that are videographed in Hi Def which only emphasizes their extravagant beauty. It is absolutely one of the best lesbian sites around. It has even been around since 2002. With 945 models, 1504 scenes, and 1938 photosets, we must confess being excited over the sheer quantity available in this site. It is quite a large site and filled with nothing but pleasure.

Score: 90


Content Quality Good
Pricing Fair
Updates Regular


Videos 1504+ video clips (about 20 min each)
Pictures 1938+ galleries (about 115 pics each)
Models 945

Pros & Cons

  • Many HD videos, tons of Hi res. pictures
  • Frequent updates
  • Advanced search capability
  • Breathtaking models.
  • Not all the videos are in HD
  • Not everything is exclusive

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