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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2011-12-25
Last Updated: 2013-10-27

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Their ads say that this site contains real people, real profiles, with over 200,000 swingers, voyeurs, MILF's , and readers wives, thus we needed to review and see if they did indeed do as they said. When you first enter, you may wish to do a profile search. Keep it simple at first, you can always hone it down later. You can search out Women, Men, Couples, Groups or Transgender. Then you can narrow it down a little by perhaps narrowing down what country you are interested in? Leaving the choice of anywhere, will net you some gorgeous women from all over the world! But, if you are seriously looking to hook up, you may wish to limit your search to being near your hometown, or the town where you will be on vacation, or work perhaps. Next, you may ask for only Full Members, Profiles with Thumbs, Online Now, New or Profiles with Uploads. Again it all depends on what you are searching for.

Once you have found someone, you may wish to go to a chatroom to find out more about them, or perhaps to compare notes about what you are offering and what they are offering you. There is also a blog to read, which may offer you some insight on who who, and whats what on the site. There are also clubs that you can plan to meet at, or visit, which is very handy if you are seeking some particular fetish or need, although the majority of the clubs listed seemed to be strictly catering to swinging, but I could be wrong about that, as some have BDSM night, for example.

They also have competitions of various womens photos, so that your woman, if shes especially sexy, could win the Wife of the Month. Every hour the votes are taken, so that you can see whom the lead wife is, and who is trailing behind too. Since the votes come from the members, it would be difficult for most of them to pack the votes, thus it appears that the competitions are very up and up.

As is often the case in such sites, when you join you will be given a mailroom. There you can receive your messages, and get messages too. There will even be a place to keep your drafts, as well as trash and various alerts you may decide to keep. Its all very professionally handled.

The site sells T-shirts, and they do have a Sex Shop. There is also a commercial wives club, which also has a wife of the week nomination and such. There are approximately 843200 pictures here, and about 9,40 videos.

On to the girls! Many of the women being represented here are absolutely luscious, and I quickly found out that some of them have a plethora of nude pictures of themselves that you can open and yes, downright ogle! Some of the women shown are cougars, some elderly, some skinny as a rail, and some delightfully plump, but they are all sexy in their own right! Some of the ladies even have videos of themselves being their sexiest in order to tantalize you to meet up with them. Yes, I was tantalized often, and so will you! And if youre into guys, there are tons of those too!


In conclusion, if you consider yourself a swinger, and are into seeking others to swing with, this site is ideal for that. The way that you can narrow down the areas you will be willing to meet in is well done, very professional. There are literally thousands and thousands of women being offered here, as well as couples.

Score: 71


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Videos 9490+ video clips (about 5 min each)
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Pros & Cons

  • Huge amount of swingers listed
  • Great amount of pictures and videos of swingers
  • Cool ways to narrow down your searches
  • Professional appearance of site
  • Remember that pictures and videos are member submitted, thus quality varies
  • No Zipped picture sets
  • If you narrow down too much, theres lots of repeats

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